Sunday, 9 July 2017

Trial layout of Cat blocks

I spent a busy day (no Wimbledon on the middle Sunday!) cutting 1.5" strips from the fabrics I picked out a couple of days ago and framing my trimmed cat fabric pictures. Including the five already made I now have 32 of these blocks.  I added a couple of patterned fabrics to the three cat fabrics and cut out 31 x 5.5" squares.

I have just quickly laid them out on my sewing room carpet:

Good to take a photograph as it gives a clearer idea of placements of blocks and colours.

A few things immediately jump out at me:
  • I like the orange frames (there are two different orange fabrics and I have more of both) so I can scatter more on the right hand side of the quilt.  I hadn't realised they were all over the other side.
  • I also like the grass green solid framed blocks
  • Too many pale framed blocks
  • Another 2 brown framed blocks would help to strengthen the contrast too
  • I need another one or two variations of fabric for the 5.5" squares, it's a bit too "samey"
  • Probably too many of the blue and white background cat squares too. I have other cat fabrics in my stash but they have pink and purple in them and as I am making this a gender-neutral quilt they won't be quite right. So a bit more thought here or a visit to my LQS for another cat fabric option.
I have used a pretty bird print frame for two of the blocks - 2nd row, 6 along and also in the 6th row, 6 along. I think I will cut a couple of 5.5" squares from this fabric and swap for a couple of the other paler squares.

Not worried about making more blocks as I have lots of the cat picture fabrics and there is always the option of making another Cat Quilt another time so I am happy to stockpile the leftovers with the remaining fabrics chosen for this quilt.  I will create another "Project Pack"!

I have enjoyed making the framed blocks - Happy Blocks a la Cathy (Sane, Crazy, Crumby blog) so I won't mind making some replacements.


  1. It all looks good to me but now you pointed it out I do see that there are more orange blocks on one side. Your friend is going to love this quilt.

  2. The photo really emphasises the colour placements. I had no idea I had put all the Orange framed blocks on the left of the quilt until I saw the photo.

  3. Well as a lover of cats and green and orange being my 2 favourite colours this really appeals to me. Taking a photo is a good idea as somehow thimns look different when seen that way, I saw a tip on tv yesterday to hold the quilt up in front of a mirror which gives a better idea of what it looks like will try it myself is is going to be a great quilt

  4. It's looking great. You will get there with a decision