Sunday, 21 March 2021

RSC Flimsy

 I love making String blocks and a few years ago ( I think 2017 as I found a blogpost about some I’d made for RSC that month) I started making some in the RSC colours. Last week I made 4 green String blocks to use up a few strips. As I added them to the bag of blocks I realised I had rather a lot. A couple of years ago I saw a quilt that Cathy of Crazy by Design had made just using three colours of RSC String blocks - red, yellow and pink - which looked really eye catching. Then a few days ago another Cathy of Sane, Crazy, Crumb quilting showed 2 quilts she  had made from large blocks which she had divided into Cool and Hot colours. They looked so effective.

So I got out my Hot colours: red,  orange, pink and yellow.  I had very few red blocks and not enough of those 4 colours to make a quilt so I added the neutral ones too. However, I was still a few blocks short so made a few more orange and yellow ones. Then I set out the 5” blocks in an 8 x 8 lay out. A couple of afternoons later I had this flimsy:

It looks very pretty and I’m pleased with it. However, as I finished pressing it I found a problem with one of the neutral blocks. Two strings had been sewn too closely together and had pulled apart to make an open slit in the block! So this afternoon I had the fiddly job of unpicking the seams around it and inserting a new block. I fortunately had a couple of neutrals left over. But it was a good lesson for me to learn : to check all seams on string blocks before I sew them together into a quilt! 

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Sunday, 14 March 2021

Happy Mothering Sunday

 Here in the UK today is Mothering Sunday, traditionally the Sunday when girls who were “in service”, that is girls who were maids, scullery hands, in general service, ladies’ maids etc were allowed to go home to visit their mothers. Today we remember our mothers: gifting cards, flowers and chocolates and so on.

Normally for Mothering Sunday we would meet up with our family and either eat out or go to their house for a meal. We are of course still in Lockdown so such visits are not possible. Instead our family arrived on our doorstep ( fortunately they live nearby otherwise that wouldn’t have been possible either, only journeys for emergencies are allowed) and I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers, wine, chocolates, a fragrant room spray, cards from DD and DGD and a lovely framed photo of DGD last Halloween when she came to our house and we made Spider Puddings! Mothering Sunday is the traditional name which I prefer and Caroline  always does her best to find cards that don’t say Mother’s Day. This gets more and more problematical  every year that passes but she found two- one from her and our son in law and another from Annalise.  So, I was thoroughly spoiled! It is very cold today so my husband made cups of tea to warm us up as we stood chatting on the doorstep!

So to mothers (grannies, sisters, aunties, godmothers) everywhere, Happy Mothering Sunday!

Then I spent a happy afternoon sewing with green fabrics for March’s RSC. I was able to use up lots of odds and ends too. The points for the Wonky Stars were waste triangles from my Sawtooth Baby Quilt, the strips for the Strippy blocks  were leftovers from the Spring Tulip QAL which Ann is running on her Fret not yourself blog. And I finished the ends of 4 reels of thread.

So, what did I make? 12 Wonky Stars

4 String blocks, a Ticky Tacky House and another Wonky Star I hadn’t seen when I sewed up the other ones!

The colours are poor in the  last photo because it was then dusk and I photographed it in artificial light. The blocks look more interesting than shown.

So,  a good day for me. I hope everyone enjoyed their day too.

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