Tuesday, 31 December 2019

New Year’s Eve Project stocktake

End of 2019 so time for me to sort out my Sewing Room, UFOs, packs of blocks and ongoing RSC projects.
  • Hexagon quilt passed to me by friend Irene. Made as a wedding gift by her aunt. Now faded in places and worn. My intention to turn into one or two small quilts for her children ho I taught when they were 6 years and old. This will not happen until the Spring when another friend Sue can advise me as she has done something similar.

3 Flimsies:

  1. 42” square Pink & turquoise based around gifted blocks & scraps from friend Sheila for a Linus Quilt donation 
  2. Baby Girl Flimsy 41”square for my Baby Quilt stash
  3. Crumb Block Flimsy 52” square for Siblings Together donation
3 to complete:
  1.  Strippy HSTs Quilt currently 51” x 41”. Needs another white border. Perhaps also piano keys border  for Siblings Together donation 
  2. Pink & purple currently 27” square made from blocks & scraps gifted by friend Sheila for either Siblings Together or Linus donation 
  3. Four Patch X from Bonnie Hunter’s Book “More adventures with Leaders and Enders” 

Sunday, 29 December 2019

What’s occurring?????

You have to watch the BBC programme called Gavin and Stacey to understand my blogpost title. What’s occurring is a line which is said regularly throughout the programme and means what’s happening? It has been a common question in our house, even more so since Christmas Day’s special edition.
So....... what’s occurring on my sewing/knitting front?
Continuing to hand quilt my Chinese  Coins quilt whilst watching so many football matches that have happened over the Christmas holiday period. It’s coming along nicely. Loving all the bright jewel like colours!

Continuing to use up off leftover balls of yarn to knit baby jackets and hats for pregnant Refugees:

Taken last night, colour is actually a lovely baby blue! About 18” of  yarn left!
I just managed to knit a little jacket and hat from one ball of pink yarn. Literally an inch left over when I finished sewing up the hat!

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Last minute gift

My daughter loves lavender bags and I have made her several, even refilled them with fresh lavender.
Late this afternoon - Christmas Eve- I remembered her saying sometime ago that her lavender bags had lost their smell so I have made six new ones using Christmas fabric.

Here they are:

Just need to wrap them so I can pop them under the tree when my husband and I go round tomorrow to spend the day with our family: daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, step grandson and step great grandson.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

A lovely gift

I belong to two Patchwork  Groups and on Monday we held the last meeting before Christmas of the Meriden Group.
One of the members, Wendy has made loads (hundreds I imagine) of Project Linus quilts. She has made lots of different designs which usually require squares and rectangles in certain sizes. She is very systematic with cutting and storing the difference pieces.
On Monday Wendy surprised me with a bag of “scraps” - her description of the contents of the large bag she was gifting to me. I was amazed when I got home to discover the “scraps” looked like this:

Squares, rectangles and 1.5” strips, all beautifully arranged in labeled bags!
My goodness I shall have fun with these next year. Lots of different colours so I think I’ll use a lot of them in RSC2020 projects. I’ll have to think of some suitable blocks.

A great gift, thank you, Wendy.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Using every little scrap!

I love using up scraps and leftovers - and that includes fabrics, yarns and leftover food. I do draw the line at mixing them all up together though - I won’t be presenting leftover mince turned into bolognese sauce with yarn spaghetti, or ravioli made from 2.5” fabric squares!

So, joking aside, I am trying to use up odd balls of yarn to make baby clothes for Refugees. I had a whole ball and a tiny bit of the same variegated pink yarn and about three quarters of a ball of variegated blue and lemon yarn. I got one cardigan and an angel out of the pink (with a small amount left over).

I made four sweet little hats out of the blue and lemon one. There was a tiny bit left over so I made an angel starting with the blue and when that ran out I finished it in the pink with about 15cm left over.
Very satisfying!