Saturday, 28 September 2019

RSC Seeing Stars is a flimsy!

Yesterday evening I sewed the remaining Star Blocks together and arranged them into an order I liked.
Today I went to my  Quilters Area Day and sewed my 16 RSC blocks into a flimsy which I’m very happy with. 
Tomorrow I’ll find (I hope) a suitable backing fabric from my stash and baste the quilt. Once I’m at this stage  I’m always anxious to get on with the quilting.
I had a lot of compliments today  from other Quilters which was nice. But I love it: bright, cheery and I think, just the colours and fabrics for  a baby. Lots of I Spy when baby is older.

I have deliberately used the word “Flimsy” following Cathy’s blogpost yesterday on her  Sane Crazy Crumby quilting blog. Apparently some people aren’t happy with the term “Flimsy” and prefer “Quilt top” . I’m happy either way so today I’ve chosen to describe my work as a Flimsy!

Which side of the fence are you? Flimsy or Quilt top?

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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Seeing stars........ RSC style!

I have been making some Star Blocks using 2.5” squares from my stash. Various rainbow colours, this month the official  purple:

I have already made a few others using green, blue, pink and yellow and have 4  more in the pipeline. I need 16 blocks altogether to make a baby quilt with 4 blocks in each direction.
 I used a white on  white fabric from stash to make the stars. I find making the blocks with Bonnie Hunter’s web-style idea works really well.

I haven’t had much sewing time recently and this week looks extremely busy too. Perhaps I’ll find a half hour here and there?
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