Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Round up of 2020

 I have had a quick look back at my Round up at the end of last year to see what listed UFOs were finished in 2020. Don’t think I did too well.

One of the projects I set myself for 2020 was to tackle a Hexagon quilt passed on to me by my friend Irene when she moved house. Very pretty but faded in parts. My idea was to ask my Patchwork friend Sue to come round and help me start it. She had done something similar with an old Hexagon quilt which was badly in need of repair. Well, that never happened because Sue went on holiday during February and the early part of March, fortunately returning to the UK just before we were into Covid 19 Lockdown. We haven’t had much opportunity  to meet up and work together because of lots of restrictions, a second Lockdown and now even more restrictions with a possibility of worse to come which will be announced tomorrow. So this is definitely on the back burner for the foreseeable future. 

I had been tidying up and decided I would take out one of the UFOs I mentioned last year. I had put it away with batting and backing so thought that would be a good quilt to move forward. It’s a Crumb blocks quilt.

I also created two more flimsies this year:

                                                     The second Tall Ships flimsy

                                             A UFO that I was able to add two borders to so that I could send it as a flimsy to the Australian Quilt Drive for Bush Fire Victims.

And a Coin Quilt flimsy. I bought backing for this one so hopefully this could become a finished quilt during 2020.

And of course I must turn my RSC string blocks into at least flimsies if not finished quilts!
And two Baby Quilts. One I’ve decided will be a Sheep Quilt from a kit I bought several years ago. Mum to Be lives in New Zealand so I think that’s appropriate. 

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Looking back over RSC 2020

 I have just looked back at my end of 2019 Stocktake of ongoing RSC blocks and my intentions for 2020.

I did add to Twinkler blocks, 49 Patch blocks and Roman Stripe blocks but no Crumby Candy blocks made. 

My RSC String blocks haven’t been touched - don’t know why because I could easily make them into quilts, a couple at least. I like how Cathy K turned hers into lovely quilts and that’s what I hope to do in 2021 with mine. And I could make a quilt from my Twinkler blocks and I think the 49 Patch ones too.

However, my decision to make Ship blocks for my new RSC project for 2020 was a great success. I really persevered with these and made so many blocks I was able to make 2 flimsies from them. One was finished and gifted and I’m delighted with them both.

                                      Finished and gifted. Called Ships Ahoy!

                                                        Still a flimsy.

As always Cathy (Sane Crazy Crumby blog) temps me with her RSC projects and this year  I’ve made quite a lot of Ticky Tacky houses which I need to look at and decide which colours need to be added in 2021.

3 more ideas for RSC 2021 blocks: small Wonky stars, Zipper blocks ( a Cathy K idea) and Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Peesy blocks.

All looks rather a tall order but I’ll give it a go.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Finally going to gift these quilts!

 Periodically I make Baby quilts for my local hospital and when I have collected a few I drop them into the Maternity Ward. In April this year I made three Angel quilts to add to two teddy bear quilts I made in May 2019. One of our Patchwork Group members had given me another one at the end of last year and I was all set to take them to the hospital. But of course in March Covid 19 struck and we were in Lockdown, followed by hospitals not allowing visitors, second Lockdown, still no visitors so my little pile of quilts languished in the cupboard. When I noticed them again last week I had a brainwave as to how I could get them to the hospital. One of my Patchwork Group group is a nurse there so I emailed her to ask if the Maternity Ward would welcome the quilts. Yes, they would but I would have to leave them at the Hospital Switchboard Office. So, that’s what I will do, perhaps on Friday. A little more space in my cupboard - great!  It’s also motivated me to make a few more.

Here’s my 5 quilts:

And Sue’s: