Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Festival of Quilts update

Just found the blog where I saw the boxer shorts and socks quilt. It's on HenHouse, a great Uk blog. Very quirky, some really interesting posts. I would recommend viewing.

Festival of Quilts and sewing

I visited the Festival of Quilts on two separate days and enjoyed both days as I do every year. This is the first year I haven't been a Quilt Angel ( still receiving treatment so not up for all that physical hard work) so it was strange not to have seen behind the scenes before the Show opened.
Saw lots of lovely quilts, loads of hexagons including one which had zillions of tiny tiny hexagons ( less than 1" I would think!).

Hard to pick out a few favourites, but I'll try!

Loved the Group winner, "The Quilters' Games" which was a very amusing quilt reflecting the idea of quilters as synchronised swimmers!

This quilt was beautifully done, made from boxer shorts and socks! I have seen it chosen on another blog too so you may have seen this quilt before.

Also enjoyed the exhibition of Quilts created out of a British/German exchange of fabrics.  All really different and so clever with their use of the fabrics sent to them and combining those with fabrics from their own stash.

Two fabulous Pictorial quilts which caught my eye:

One of the competition quilts which was a wonderful representation of a little view of a Venice canal, all beautifully embellished so it was 3D.

And this was in a Gallery within the Festival of Quilts which was like looking a photograph of Darling Harbour in Sydney!

And my all-time favourite which I chose for my Visitors' Choice was this fabulous quilt showing a marvellous variety of faces, all created from snippets of fabric.  Absolutely stunning!

Entitled: This Many faces, This Many Cultures by Rita Dijkstra-Hesselink, Hengelo, Holland

As always, loads of traders and I enjoyed saying hello to Katy aka I'magingermonkey, busy working and doing demos.  Tried not to buy too much as I am still trying to use up fabrics from my stash.  But I did need more batting, and some Kona cotton in yellow and aqua, Aurifil thread and I couldn't resist a lovely turquoise fabric with a lemon spot which I know will be great for bindings and perhaps a border or two.

On the sewing front I have now completed my Siblings Together Top and I am pleased with it. It is now ready for pin basting and like most of the quilters I know, this is the part I dislike, so it is sitting there looking at me! But I do have the batting now and I have cut the backing to size so I just have to bite the bullet!

I have also been putting together a few little Premature Baby/ Doll quilts with some of the Crumb blocks I have been making.  I have finished two, another is ready for binding, another being hand quilted and two more ready to be sandwiched. I gave one to my daughter for a little gift from our Granddaughter to another 2 year old girl and just posted another to accompany a storybook for our neighbour's little granddaughter who is one tomorrow.  When I have a few more completed quilts I'll pop them round to our local hospital.

So a busy few weeks and lots of sewing to do and hundreds of ideas whizzing round my head!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I definitely like bright colours

I have been having a productive couple of days, continuing with my Siblings Together quilt, making more Crumb blocks (these are very addictive!) and putting together another Crumb quilt using the lemon Kona solid for sashing. I now have two similar Premature Baby quilts ready to be sandwiched ready for hand quilting.  I have even found a piece of fabric in my stash which is large enough to use as backing for both of these little quilts.  And I expect there will be strips saved from the trimming before binding for yet more scraps!
But this morning over tea and cereals I looked back at some of my Favourites on my Flickr photostream. Very interesting as the first impression is colour, colour and more colour!  Then I noticed several strands to my Favourites: Stars, Strings, Scraps, lots of quilts by the same quilters and lots of Granny squares.
So I think you could sum me up as being a very happy bunny if you give me a box of scrap fabrics........  as long as they are BRIGHT!  Perhaps that goes a long way to explain my obsession with making endless Crumb blocks!
Looking at my Flickr Favourites was a lovely start to my day and my head is now buzzing with loads more ideas for future quilts, using scraps of course!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

A productive week

At last I have managed to find time for sewing this week and I feel I have accomplished quite a lot!

Firstly, I finished hand quilting the Baby Quilt commissioned by Gemma, put on the binding and popped it in the post on Thursday.

Here it is, all ready to be parcelled up.

When I embroidered the quilt label I changed the name of the quilt to Pastel Patches as I thought this better reflected the fabrics I used.

I hope Gemma likes it!

Then I managed to get a move on with the Siblings Together Medallion Quilt.  I added a few borders until it looked like this:

I then decided the next border would showcase some of the Fat Quarter designs in circles like I have used in several quilts based on a project from the book Scrap Republic.

Whilst I was busy at the sewing machine adding borders I also created more Crumb Blocks, sewing scraps of fabric together as 'Thread catchers". No scrap is too tiny for this project as you can see from this photo!

After sewing the borders I made quite a lot of 'new fabric' which I was able to cut into several Crumb Blocks like these:

As my Crumb Blocks tin was getting rather full I decided to take time out from The Siblings Together Quilt to make a little premature baby quilt top, using a Kona lemon for the sashing.

Oops, this photo is the wrong way round but I don't know how to change it!

I really like the lemon, I think it makes the Crumb Blocks stand out well. Previously I have used aqua and sugar pink sashing for making these little quilts.

I was on a roll so onto the next border for The Siblings Together Medallion Quilt!
Using an idea from one of my favourite books Scrap Republic I have started the side borders for the next round.  I am now hand blanket stitching them, an ideal job whilst watching the Olympics on TV!

So, all in all, a lot of sewing, a lot of TV watching and a great feeling of satisfaction!