Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I definitely like bright colours

I have been having a productive couple of days, continuing with my Siblings Together quilt, making more Crumb blocks (these are very addictive!) and putting together another Crumb quilt using the lemon Kona solid for sashing. I now have two similar Premature Baby quilts ready to be sandwiched ready for hand quilting.  I have even found a piece of fabric in my stash which is large enough to use as backing for both of these little quilts.  And I expect there will be strips saved from the trimming before binding for yet more scraps!
But this morning over tea and cereals I looked back at some of my Favourites on my Flickr photostream. Very interesting as the first impression is colour, colour and more colour!  Then I noticed several strands to my Favourites: Stars, Strings, Scraps, lots of quilts by the same quilters and lots of Granny squares.
So I think you could sum me up as being a very happy bunny if you give me a box of scrap fabrics........  as long as they are BRIGHT!  Perhaps that goes a long way to explain my obsession with making endless Crumb blocks!
Looking at my Flickr Favourites was a lovely start to my day and my head is now buzzing with loads more ideas for future quilts, using scraps of course!

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