Thursday, 22 October 2020

Chickens in the Pumpkin Patch quilt

 I have just embroidered the label for the quilt I have made for our new Great Niece Seren ( Welsh for Star) born on Wednesday last week. I had finished the quilt well before the baby was born but wasn’t able to make the label until the parents had decided on all the baby’s names.

So, here’s Chickens in the Pumpkin Patch. Measures 40” x 46”, hand quilted with Perle thread.

I bought the backing online and I’m really pleased with how well the colours reflect the colours in the quilt blocks. I made another Chickens quilt about 9 years ago for our next door neighbours’ granddaughter. That quilt is now in Australia as the family moved there about three years ago. Also the two quilts I made the other two older granddaughters.

I knitted a little basket weave style blanket which measures 24” x 24”, a nice size for the car seat, Moses basket or pushchair.

A few weeks ago I was passing the Sewing and Knitting shop in town and noticed a pattern and yarn display in the window which included the matinee jacket knitted up to show off the pattern. It uses my favourite variegated yarn and I’m so pleased with the result. I haven’t made  one like this pattern before - the front and back are knitted in one piece which I really like. No side seams which makes a really neat finish. I popped into the shop a few days ago to show the owner my finished jacket - she was as delighted as I was. I shall certainly use this pattern again.

Wrapping it up and taking the parcel to the Post Office later this afternoon.

Monday, 12 October 2020

Crazy about Llamas

 Our 10 year old Granddaughter is crazy about llamas! She has a couple of llama soft toys, a hoodie with a slogan across the front declaring how she loves llamas and at Christmas I made her a pillow case with a llama print I managed to find. Yesterday my daughter asked that if I had some of that fabric left, could I please make her a mask. In fact I have loads, no idea why I bought so much!

I’ve cut out another one which I’ll sew up tomorrow.

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Yellow sails this month

 I’ve done my six blocks for Yellow October RSC 2020.

I have finished making all the different coloured sails now so my next job is to lay them out and see what I can make with them. I don’t make huge quilts so I think I’ll probably get two quilts from these blocks. 

My ships will be sailing on a Voyage if Discovery!

Joining up with Angela’s So Scrappy blog.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

More face masks for the family

 My daughter asked if I could make some more face masks for her, her husband and our granddaughter. Well, of course I could! I did my walk this morning and called in at the Sewing and Knitting Shop to see if they had any suitable FQs. You can see them above.

I used the tartan for SIL and the sheep for GD.

Dreadful  photo, sorry.  My original I can’t get to load on my post so this is a mobile photo of that one on my iPad! You get the idea....... I even used two of my new yellow fabrics.

Just delivered the masks, DD was delighted! Not bad: request, made and delivered in a few hours.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Well, I knew I was short of red scraps but.......

 I knew I would have to root around to find some red scraps for RSC 2020 September chosen colour of red.

However, I hadn’t realised that Yellow was even worse. I have used a lot this year in a couple of Chinese Coin quilts I made and in the baby quilt I have just finished for our niece’s baby due in about three weeks time.

But when I came to find yellow scraps for my October Sailing Ship blocks I found it really hard to find anything at all, so I even resorted to cut into a piece of yellow with strawberry motif to make a bit more  variety in the sails of my Tall Ships.

This photo shows what I had left at the end of cutting scraps for my 6 Sailing Ships:

The pile of small squares measure 1.5” . I have a lot of those as a result of cutting up bits of sashing left over from the baby quilt so I’ll be able to use them to make some Roman Stripes and a 49patch block.

I immediately ordered various bundles of FQs and squares online and the first one arrived today.

So now I have a few more fabrics to choose from.