Thursday, 21 February 2019

Lots more Strings from friends

I am clearing up scraps, trying to use everything I have here in New Zealand.
Last week I collected together strings scraps, prepped some squares with batting pinned on, ready to make some QAYG String blocks for Jan in Australia.

As always, I am surprised how quickly a pile of scraps is used up and I only managed to make 7 blocks before I was very short of strings!

I ran out of strings before I could cover the blocks I had prepped. I was going to my Patchwork Group the following day so emailed the members to ask if anyone
 has scrapstrings to spare. Several people brought some to the meeting but several were puzzled by  my term "strings" , thinking that I meant string like you would use to tie up a parcel!  So we learned another difference in Kiwi  English!

I had enough gifted strips to make another 11 blocks.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Crochet Granny Squares

I've been using the oddments of yarn I thrifted from The Salvation Army Charity Shop, making Granny squares I will send to Jan in Australia for her charity blankets.
Last year I made lots but used a different colour for each of the ten rounds of crochet.
This year I am making them a bit differently: a whole square if I have enough yarn, then bands of colour to use every scrap of yarn up. Liking the results.

These three are my favourites. I used two different variegated balls of yarn which ended up in these. They remind me of Sugared Almonds!

I think I have 22 finished here, made another last night and have enough yarn left to crochet quite a few more. Great to keep my fingers busy whilst I watch a bit of TV.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Happy Blocks is a flimsy!

I had a very productive day at my Vintage Quilters meeting on Saturday.
I framed 23 squares and turned them into Happy Blocks, then assembled them into a flimsy.
I'm delighted with it, so bright and colourful!

This morning I basted it ready to start quilting tomorrow at my other Patchwork Group, the MQC.
Raring to go!