Thursday, 31 January 2019

Having fun making Happy Blocks

Starting another Happy Blocks baby quilt. Fun novelty fabrics with bright frames.
Going to my Patchwork Group tomorrow so I have cut out all 25 blocks in preparation.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Thrifted finds

I popped into the Salvation Army Op Shop today looking for yarn and pieces of fabric. I was very lucky and found three pieces of new fabric and 3 lots of yarn.

The fabrics will be useful for backing baby quilts and some QAYG Strippy blocks I hope to make whilst I am in New Zealand.

The striped and the floral I'm certain are 100% cotton, the gingham may have a bit of polyester in it.  I think the floral is bed sheet fabric as it measures 100" long  x 25" wide.  Only cost $2. The other two are 22" x 42" and were $1 each.
The yarn will be useful for making crochet Granny squares.  The top packet was $1 and the other two were $1.50 each.

Looking forward to using them.  Maybe do some crocheting this evening whilst I watch some TV.
My first blog post of 2019 so Happy New Year to you.