Saturday, 26 September 2020

Red Round up for September

 I never have many red fabrics in my stash and at present I have virtually none because I used most of what I had making the baby quilt I am currently working on.

So I literally used pretty much all of my Red scraps using 3.5” squares gifted to me by Wendy early this year and bits left over from the baby quilt.

So, here are my Ship blocks, only 5 because I didn’t have any different scraps to make a second Tall Ship.

Then I made One 49 x 1.5” squares block, a Crumb block and 8 Ticky Tacky houses. Happy with them all.

Joining  up with Angela’s So Scrappy RSC 2020 blog.

Monday, 14 September 2020

My crochet Covid 19 Blanket

 At the beginning of Lockdown, back in March, I heard of people who were making crochet Covid blankets. As I was also trying to declutter  and use up everything in the house including my stashes of fabric and yarn I decided to make some Granny squares using two colours, alternate rows, two of each colour.  Once I had used up anything that was suitable in my yarn stash I knew I hadn’t got enough squares to make a blanket so I ordered lots of balls of different coloured yarn from Wool Warehouse. I also decided I would use off white/pale cream for joining the squares and rows and ordered those too.

Whenever I had a moment I made the Granny squares, popping them into two large bags until I had used up all my colours. Then I did an extra row of crochet with the off white yarn. I had no idea how many squares I had, except there were A LOT!

I randomly pulled blocks out of the bags, initially joining rows of 10 Granny squares. At that point I had 21 rows and still loads of squares left over. I counted those and worked out I could add three more squares to each row. FAR to many rows for one blanket so I am going to make two. Of course I had to order loads more off white yarn from the Wool Warehouse.

Today I completed the First Blanket. I made a narrow border all around from 5 rows of Double Crochet.

And here it is. Measures 66” x 52”. And I’m thrilled with it.

I shall now start joining rows for the second blanket. One for us and one for my granddaughter.