Saturday, 29 August 2020

Total Purple 2020RSC blocks

 Last Saturday in August - where has this month gone?

I never have many purple fabrics or scraps in my stash so I am surprised how many blocks I have been able to make.

From top to bottom: 1.5” 49 patch block with a Roman Stripe block either side,

                                  13 x Ticky Tacky houses 

                                   2 of each my the three sizes of Sailing Boats.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

How scraps multiply!

 I’ve been making more of my Chicken blocks and now - I think - cut all of them out.

And of course, what happens? I have created another pile of scrap strings and some 1.5” squares for my stash.

Oh dear, I’d better sort them and put them away before I start sewing any more blocks.

Saturday, 22 August 2020

More RSC Purple blocks and a new quilt begun

 First of all, a few more Purple blocks for RSC 2020.

A 49 Patch from 1.5” squares

And 10 Ticky Tacky Houses featuring purple somewhere! Sky, roof, door or garden.

And then I started a new quilt - for our niece’s baby girl expected in October.

Back in 2011 I made a baby quilt called “There’s nobody here but us chickens” using a variety of chicken-themed fabrics. I loved it and all the leftover fabrics went into a labelled plastic bag.

I looked at the photos I had on Flickr (koshka2 photostream) and tried to make the blocks. I knew the chicken centres were 2.5” but couldn’t remember what size I cut for the strips for the two borders which frame the chickens. I went with 1.75” and made up 9 blocks yesterday but wasn’t happy with them, the ratios looked all wrong so I tried using 1.5” Border strips. MUCH better. So this afternoon I took apart the 9 blocks, taking off the second border strips and trimming them to 1.5” and trimming around the first border, leaving a 1.25” frame. That all took a lot of time. I hate seam ripping! But I now have a few finished blocks, and a few partially sewn ones so hopefully I can continue the process tomorrow.

Three of the blocks happen to have purple in them so I’ve included those for a Sneak Peek!

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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

3 More masks


Just made 3 more Face masks. One extra each for my daughter and granddaughter and another for myself.

Definitely getting quicker to make now I’ve done a few before!

I like this pattern the best of the three I’ve tried. This mask fits your face well, and now I managed to get the proper face mask elastic they’re even better.

Monday, 17 August 2020

Finished baby cardigan

 I’ve finished the baby cardigan requested by our niece Cat for baby Maggie.

I made the largest size, 20” chest.

Popping it in the post today.

Sunday, 16 August 2020

RSC 2020 Purple sails in the Sunset

Four Sailing Ships made this afternoon using the RSC 2020 colour of the month- Purple. 
Two Tiny ones and 2 Small ones.

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Friday, 7 August 2020

A lovely compliment

 About a year ago I knitted this baby cardigan along with another one using the same yarn and a baby blanket in an effort to use up leftover yarns. When our baby Great niece Maggie arrived in October I added this cardigan and the blanket to the quilt especially made for this much longed-for baby.

Our niece Cat was so thrilled with all the gifts and we have had regular photos of Maggie snuggled in the blanket, lying on the quilt and then, when she grew into the cardigan, ones of her wearing it. Cat had been really pleased with the cardigan because it has seemed to “grow” as Maggie has grown. I think it’s probably because the yarn is acrylic and stretches more easily than wool or cotton would have. Well, whatever the reason, Maggie is still wearing it!

I had a lovely text from Cat yesterday saying that the cardigan had been such a great success, would I please be able to make another in a larger size, blues or greens this time. Well, I was so pleased to be asked, and even more pleased to be able to pop to the  Local Wool Shop this morning and buy a couple of balls of yarn. I like these variegated yarns and bought blue as there weren’t any greens. The pattern has 4 sizes: the original cardigan was Size 2, I’m making this one Size 4 so I hope Maggie will get as much use out of this one as she did the original one.

A hot day today, overcast now but great to sit outside in the garden knitting.The style I’m knitting is the one in blue on the pattern.