Sunday, 21 November 2021

A Comedy of Errors

 This week I have managed to baste, machine quilt and bind my 49 squares RSC quilt.

Basting went well, the machine quilting went pretty well too. Thank you to the two ladies who suggested quilting ideas for me on last week’s blogpost. I am going to try your idea Jenny on the next smaller baby quilt I make for the hospital. I found a You Tube video that I think is doable for me. But I decided to go with Raewyn’s idea of going from corner to corner. But I just did that on the centre section of sashed 49 squares blocks, then sewed along the borders like I usually do. Pleased with the result.

Then the curtain was raised on the  Comedy of Errors as I began to sew on my binding, a job I’ve done hundreds of times. But for some reason I never stopped making mistakes: I didn’t notice (twice!) that the machine was looping because the thread had fallen off the screw that the cotton reel feeds around, two or three times I discovered I had completely gone wrong with the distance I was using for the seam line, etc etc. Finally got the binding on and I called it a day. My husband said I should just have stopped sewing near the beginning of this frustrating sewing session and I agree with him! Even more so the following day when I came to hand sew the binding because I had put it on the wrong side of the quilt. My group said don’t unpick it, just fold it to the front and stitch it down. I have, and it looks fine. I can only think I sewed it wrongly because both the outer border and the backing are the same fabric. That or old age!

Anyway, here it is:

It measures 42” square and will be donated to the Linus Project when I have another couple of quilts to add. The lady who used to be the local distributor has retired and no one has taken over so I know I’ll have to look further afield for a distributor. A job for 2022 I think.

A few close ups of some of the blocks:

I finished another baby cardigan and two matching hats which I love!

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Sunday, 7 November 2021

49 Patch flimsy

 I managed to find time this week to turn last week’s 49 Patch blocks centre into a flimsy, adding two borders to frame it: a narrower deep pink/fuchsia solid and a pink striped wider border. Pleased with both.

The flimsy measures 43” square and I hope to find time to baste it and think about how it can be quilted.

I’m limited with my machine quilting abilities and can only do straight lines , usually following the columns and rows of the blocks. Can’t see how to make that work with this quilt. Can’t do stippling or free motion which is what it probably calls for! I’m wondering if I do my usual quilting in the sashing and borders and tie the centre of each 49 patch block that it will be sufficient to hold the quilt.

Any thoughts on this would be very welcome!

Another grey dreary November day here so the photo colours are not a true representation of the flimsy. In reality the colours are really bright and cheerful!

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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Made in 2019, gifted in 2021

 On 18th November 2019 I completed a Crumb quilt, made from scraps, including Crumb blocks from my stash. I blogged about it at the time. It was put away as I didn’t need to gift it at that time. 

A few days ago we received an email from a young New Zealand friend to say she had had a second daughter on 15th October, named Lucy Jane. I gifted a quilt to her first daughter Izzy when she was born a couple of years ago so of course Lucy had to have a quilt too. The Crumb quilt in my stash was a perfect choice as there are some scraps in it that were leftovers from her big sister Izzy’s quilt.

This was Izzy’s quilt.

This is Lucy’s quilt.
It measures 40” square.

Some close ups:

And a glimpse of the backing, such a pretty strawberry fabric.

I have renamed the quilt Dolly Mixtures - my favourite sweets when I was a little girl.
I’m posting it off to New Zealand this afternoon.

Sunday, 31 October 2021


 I’m not a fan of Halloween but as I have an 11 years old beautiful granddaughter who comes to the door toTrick and Treat  I have to be supportive! Yesterday Annalise came round to carve a pumpkin for us. She chose to carve a Pirate Ship which lit up beautifully. 

Not a brilliant photo but perhaps you get the idea. So lovely to see a group of friends, all dressed up and so polite. A lot of Thank yous which is nice to see. 

Saturday, 30 October 2021

An RSC finish and a flimsy and a striped blanket!

 A reasonably productive week .

I finished my RSC hospital baby cot quilt. Measures 24” as required by the hospital.

For the backing I used a piece from another new fabric I bought for my stash, a bright pink striped one. And found a scrap of pale pink solid which was enough for the binding.

I looked at my pile of RSC 49 patch blocks ( made from 1.5” squares) and found I had 15 so I made an extra block and used sashing cut  at 1.75” in different coloured solids to frame them.
Here’s the resulting flimsy:

At present this measures 32” square but I’m going to add a double border. The inner one cut at 2.5” from a deep pink solid and then an outer border from the striped fabric I used as backing for the cot quilt. I’ll probably use that for the backing too.

I finished knitting another striped baby blanket. I was using up odds and ends and a few 25gm balls I bought at the Charity shop. Of course I ran out of the yellow and purple and had to go to the knitting and sewing shop in town to buy another ball of each colour. So now I can knit a purple and a yellow cardigan with the remaining yarn

It measure 26” x 25” so useful for the pushchair.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to cut and sew the two borders for the 49 patch flimsy.
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Saturday, 23 October 2021

First RSC finish!

 I completed my first RSC finish last  night, hand sewing the turquoise binding on whilst we were watching The Jinx.

I used some Twinkler blocks that have been accumulating over a few years of RSC projects. I have made quilts from this pile of blocks before and I still have some left. The block is a great way of using those 2.5” squares I have stashed away and creates a lovely I Spy style of quilt.

This one is destined for the Maternity Unit at our local hospital. They have requested quilts measuring 36” square to cover the tops of incubators and I think this will add a bright splash of colour to the Ward.

The backing was a piece cut from a newer addition to my stash and the binding some turquoise Kona cotton. I had just enough left to do the job.

A close up of some of the fun blocks.

I had a busy afternoon sewing yesterday. After I sewed the binding onto this quilt I machine sewed the Ticky Tacky Houses Cot quilt that I made last week. I also prepared the pale pink binding for it which may get sewn on this afternoon.

I have just posted a parcel of Santa Sacks for Jan Mac in Australia.

A non-quilty friend gave me a huge bag of Christmas fabrics a couple of years ago and I’ve hardly made a dent in it. They were samples she had been given to pass on to me. The largest pieces were just big enough to make a Christmas Gift bag. These will be used for donated gifts of soft toys for needy children. Jan does amazing work. Take a look at her blog: Sew Many Quilts - Too Little Time.
I also made a few more Ticky Tacky Houses and some Bonnie Hunter Fish blocks.

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Sunday, 17 October 2021

RSC flimsy

 I put together a Ticky Tacky House baby flimsy using some of my RSC blocks alternated with 3.5” squares from stash. Quickly sewn as all the pieces were to hand.

It will be quilted and donated to our local hospital’s Maternity Unit. I don’t know if they have now bought larger cots but the required size has gone up from 15” x 20” to 24” square. The arrangement of  8 rows x 8 columns comes to pretty much the new size.

Just going to find a suitable piece of backing fabric from my stash so I can baste it ready for machine quilting.

I sent off my 10 Sunshine Lotto blocks to Tammy in Texas and knitted a dozen poppies which were used as part of a decoration at church for a Memorial service on Friday.

I knitted another baby cardigan, finishing yarn leftover from making a cardigan for my great niece Maggie earlier this year. There was JUST enough left!

Knitting another garter stitch striped baby blanket, using up odds and ends of yarn and also some extra small balls bought from one of the Charity shops we have in town. We had so many of these shops pre Covid but one big one closed just before the first Lockdown in March 2020 and two others haven’t reopened since the Reopening of shops in July. Another of them is only operating for part of the week- I assume that’s because some of their elderly volunteers have decided to call it a day. 

So, quite a busy time since my last post.

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