Saturday, 18 March 2017

Last quilting in NZ

Yesterday was my last Patchwork meeting in NZ for 2017.
I had a very productive day, using scraps to make 2 more drawstring bags for Jennie's stall:


And back

And back
I also made 3 more 10.5" QAYG String blocks for Jan at Sew many quilts too little time blog.
That makes a total of 9 blocks which I will mail to her when I go into town on Tuesday.
It's cheaper for me to send blocks to Jan in Australia from here in NZ than from the UK ( postage charge is quite prohibitive now).
Here they are, all 9 of them:

Hope Jan likes them.  I know she is busy using up QAYG blocks that have been gifted to her so perhaps these will mix in nicely with ones she is sewing up at present.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Drawstring bag

Yesterday was my last Motueka Quilting Connection meeting before we go back to the UK. 
I used the morning to make a little Drawstring bag, using 2.5" squares kindly gifted to me by my lovely Blog-land friend Jo ( her blog is butter z).

The pattern is from Pink Penguin blog, a Tutorial for a Reversible drawstring bag.
All the materials came from my rapidly diminishing NZ stash.

And the other side:

I am gifting this to my Patchwork friend Jennie for her stall which sends money to the Gambia which supports a school over there.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

A better photo

A better photo, I hope, of the quilt I posted yesterday:

The first photos I took yesterday showed the colours in the quilt quite well but for some reason the computer rotated them through 180 degrees! It was possible to rotate them back correctly to add to my Flickr site koshka2
but that didn't work for my blog post.
So I took new photos which I used in my blog yesterday.  It had started to get dark by then so the colours weren't as sharp and bright.
I am hoping today's picture is better!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

All that Jazz

I had a productive day at my Vintage Quilters Patchwork Group yesterday.

I used 16 already made 4.5" Crumb blocks and a FQ from the same bundle that I used for my last Strawberries and Butterflies Quilt and make a Premature baby quilt top.

During the day I made the top, sandwiched and machine quilted and bound it.
My second quilt finish this year.

It measures 21" x 22".

The backing I bought from Spotlight, not for this quilt, but for my UK stash.
I didn't have enough strawberry fabric left for the backing so used this pretty animal one.

Both of these photos are far too pale: the actual quilt is much brighter and vibrant,
hence it's title: All that Jazz

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Strawberries and Butterflies - a finish

My first finished quilt of 2017..............................  Drum roll please!

I present "Strawberries and Butterflies"!

This little Premature baby Quilt was made from already completed 4.5" Crumb blocks, alternating with 4.5" butterfly fabric blocks cut from a FQ which has been in my NZ stash for some years. The sashing is a Strawberry one which I bought this year at Spotlight. I also used the Strawberry fabric for the backing and binding.
The quilt measures 22" x 24" which I understood to be the size required by our local Maternity Unit at Motueka. Apparently those are the maximum measurements: anything from 18" x 21" is required.
Thankfully mine was acceptable and I received some nice comments following Show and Tell.

So pleased to finally have a finished quilt to show for all the sewing I have done since being in NZ from the beginning of January.  However  today at my Quilting Group I put together another Premature baby quilt and sandwiched it ready to quilt and bind at my Saturday Group meeting.

I handed in Strawberries and Butterflies at today's meeting and will give my current project in at the next meeting on 15th March. It's another variation of Crumb blocks

Monday, 20 February 2017

UFO, finished Down Under!

Still in full swing using up scraps here Down Under in NZ.

This time, a pair of almost finished placemats. Why didn't I finish them? No idea, but they have been languishing in my NZ stash for years!

Now finished and ready to be gifted. One of my Patchwork Group friends, Jennie, is having a stall at the next Quilt Show in May. She raises money to help a school in the Gambia.  I thought perhaps someone might fancy these appliqued placemats - every dollar helps.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Orphans no more!

I have had a busy week on the sewing front, including 2 Patchwork group meetings ( one with each of the groups I belong to here in NZ).

I put into practice my idea to use the 5 "mistake" orphan string blocks, trimmed them down to 4.5" and turned them into QAYG star blocks, finishing at 12.5".

These are for Adrienne's Block Drive ( On the windy side blog), so she can make Children's Quilts which will be sent to Kaikoura for children affected by the November earthquake.

Not a great photo, doesn't really show up the colours and the Perle stitching.

My favourite block is this one:

I was also pleased with how the yellow string square showed up in the star block.  It hadn't worked as I had intended - hence being relegated to "Orphan block" status.
But as the centre of a star I think it works well.

Thanks to Jo's contribution of extra 2.5" squares I was able to make another 16 Twinkler blocks:

That takes my total of Twinklers to 61.  These will go home to the UK with me and then I'll probably need to sew more of them so I can eventually make a quilt for the Siblings Together charity.
Haven't worked out the maths yet as the quilt size requested is a minimum of 50" square.

I have also made a Premature baby quilt for our NZ local hospital but that will be in another post when I have finished hand sewing the binding,

So I feel I have had a productive week and enjoyed the company of fellow quilters too.