Monday, 5 March 2018

Parcel sent to Australia

A few days ago I sent  a parcel to Jan Mac in Australia. She is making beanies, Quilts and blankets made from crochet squares to send to New Guinea. Have a look at her blog to see what she's doing (sew many quilts  too little time blog) . I was pleased to read her post today to see that my parcel arrived safely. Take a look to see what I sent, I'm away from home at present and don't know how to add a photo to this post. I am not a techie!

Busy crocheting more squares, until my bits of wool run out. Or I go back to the charity shops to look for extra oddments of wool.

Happy sewing.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Hooked on crochet

I haven't done any crocheting for a long while but when I read Jan's post about making Granny Squares to sew into blankets for Papua New Guinea I decided to make some.  I have so enjoyed myself, I have literally been crocheting every minute I can. My daughter says I reminded her of Madame Defarge knitting at the foot of the guillotine.  Lovely!

No ends sewn in yet, I'll leave that until I either run out of yarn or energy and enthusiasm!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Challenge set by Win, almost 103 years old!

Towards the middle of last year my dear Patchwork friend Win (103 years old in a month's time) set our Group a Challenge.  She had found a scarf pattern which used a 100gm ball of DK yarn.  She asked a friend to buy a ball of yarn for each of us in the Group and photocopy the simple pattern.

I was so busy sewing and lots of involvement with the family and knitting for a friend's baby that I'm afraid the Challenge was put to one side. However I recently started to knit the scarf and it is now completed.  It's really nice, one of those scarves that wrap around your neck and fill the gap between sweater and coat collar.  I've decided to gift it to Liz in NZ to use during the winter.
It was so interesting to see the pattern evolve as I knitted my way through the ball of variegated yarn.

I'll definitely make more of them, perhaps for gifts for friends.

Yesterday I made 4 more QAYG String blocks for Jan in Australia.  Now have 6 to send her soon.
I have chosen darker/stronger colours for these 6 blocks as I know Jan always needs blocks for men and boy's quilts. They measure 10.5" square.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Getting ahead - February's Lotto blocks

I so enjoyed making blue and yellow Lotto blocks for the Sunshine Guild that I decided I would make some blocks using the February colour, Red.  This is a colour I rarely use (not sure why) so as a result I have almost no scraps.  I rooted through my fabrics: found two new FQs, a few assorted strips and a few 2.5" squares.  I also found a larger piece of striped fabric, the main colour being yellow with various coloured stripes.  As a few were red stripes I thought I could include that fabric.

I love making Star blocks so this time I used Bonnie Hunter's Maverick Stars free pattern and made 3 pairs of matching stars.


By then I only had scraps left (apart from some of the yellow striped fabric).
I made this block using strips framing a scrap square of fabric which I think I was sent in a swap years ago.

Then I used another of the black and red strips to make this one:
Combined the red 2.5" 4 patches with 4.5" squares.  In order to make these I had to cut into yardage, the only fabric I have in my stash that contains red - a piece depicting little red elephants which I intend to keep for backing a baby quilt - one day!

The red elephants feature again in this second block.
The only red scraps I have left are a few strings and a few 2" x 3" rectangles left over from making the blocks with the Chinese writing strips.
So, 10 Lotto blocks ready to mail to Tammy in Texas tomorrow. Knowing how few bits of red fabrics I owned I am amazed that I managed to eke them out to make so many blocks.
Just proving the old adage: "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" is alive and well.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Another baby born - another quilt gifted

My best friend's new grandson was born last week. I recently found out that the expected baby was going to be a boy and I already had two boy quilts in my stash. I decided which one to gift to little Albie , made the label and sewed it on. Now it's ready to wrap up and put in the post tomorrow.

I made the quilt back in October 2014 and it finally has a new baby to enjoy it.
The original quilt was called "Fairy Lights" from a pattern by Ruth Buchanan. But I have renamed it (at my husband's suggestion) "Magic".  Little Albie made a very protracted entrance to the world and his Mummy must have felt it was "Magic" when he finally chose to be born!


The quilt measures 42" square, a perfect size for a Playmat or snuggling quilt.
Proof  I have been steadily working through my scraps is that I only have scraps from the border fabrics in my stash.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Little gifts

My New Zealand friend asked if I could make her a new bag for her to house plastic carrier bags.
Made it this afternoon using some Amy Butler fabric.  It's fully lined with a proper casing so it should be sturdy.  Based it on the Pink Penguin Drawstring bag tutorial.

Yesterday I made 2 x 10.5" square QAYG string blocks for Jan in Australia.
See her blog Sew Many quilts too little time
to find out what marvellous work she does making countless charity quilts, many of them from donated QAYG blocks.  She uses 2 sizes of blocks: 10.5" and 12.5".  I hope to make a few more in the next couple of weeks. Trying to use "man coloured strings" as I know she is always looking for blocks suitable for men's quilts.

Off to cut some small scraps up into 2.5" and 1.5" squares for my stash.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

First quilt finish of 2018

I had been asked to make a commission quilt back in August last year for a baby due in January.
I had made the top but was waiting for baby to be born and named so I could applique her name on the front and quilt it. Baby Ebony was born on 5th January and I worked hard on the quilt, finishing it on Thursday evening ready to hand over to Ebony's Aunty Jo who had asked me to make it. I did that yesterday and was thrilled at Jo's utter delight when she unfolded the quilt.  It's odd how nervous I am when I make a quilt to order - I'm always unsure of my colour and fabric choices when I am trying to follow the customer's requirements. Jo had asked for grey to be included and for it not to be "too pink and girly". I was pleased with the finished quilt and just hoped Jo would be too. Icing on the cake for me when I saw her obvious delight.  Phew!!

Here it is:

Ebony's Quilt entitled ( at Jo's request) "Miracle".

And close ups of the appliqued name panel:

I used the grey border fabric for the backing and binding too.
I hadn't made Tumblers before and really loved them and will make baby quilts with them again.  I liked hand quilting with Perle around the inside of each Tumbler.
The quilt finished at 38" x32".