Sunday, 19 May 2019

At last, time to sew!

I haven’t had time to sew for over a week but yesterday afternoon I managed to sew for most of the afternoon. I have been working on creating a second quilt for Siblings Together using another set of Sunshine Lotto blocks which are Autumn colours.  At the end of my last sewing session I had all the rows completed including sashing and cornerstones. Yesterday I sewed all those together, added side borders in the sashing fabric and outer borders using a piece of autumn coloured batik fabric which had been sent to me by a member of the Sunshine Lotto Group.
I now have a completed flimsy which I am happy with. I spent a lot of time choosing which of the blocks to use in this quilt and even longer deciding on an arrangement that looked right.  That only happened after I emailed a few photos to Australian blogger friend Jo who was so helpful! Thank you, Jo 🙂

As I was sewing the flimsy together I also turned some HSTs I had made from bonus triangles left over from some Sawtooth blocks I had recently made. A great afternoon’s sewing!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

My Blue and Yellow Quilt is finished

My Siblings Together Quilt is finished. It measures 50” x 64” and bound with a variety of blue WOF scraps I had. 

The backing is the back of a duvet cover I picked up at the Charity Shop. The top of the duvet cover is the reverse of this colourway and I think it will be used as the backing of my next Siblings Together quilt I shall make from the Green Sunshine Lotto blocks I won.
Just got to wash it and send it off to the coordinator Nicky. I’ll be interested to see how much the quilt shrinks in the process.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Hey presto! - the inspiration for 2 quilts

Included in the parcel of blue and yellow Sunshine Lotto blocks I won were two more random coloured blocks. When I decided to use the blocks to make a Sampler style quilt for Siblings Together  these two different  blocks didn’t fit my planned quilt. One block consisted of horizontal bands of solid colours: bright pink, yellow, lime green, turquoise and teal. I cut the block vertically into four strips and used them as a basis to make 2 Premature Baby Coin quilts.
As you can see from the photos, three strips were in one quilt, the fourth strip in the other. Alternated with teddy bear fabric and framed to achieve the required size of 15” x 20”.

I used several leftover pieces of bindings to complete the duo.

Really pleased with the result so I now have to think of how to use the other multi coloured block.