Monday, 30 March 2020

Teal Twinklers

I love making these Twinkler blocks - Cathy’s name for the blocks but I guess they are Friendship Stars. But I love the name Twinklers, because they do twinkle don’t they?
I was tidying up my 2.5” teal squares and thought I could manage to make two blocks, squeezing them in before the end of March.

Here they are:

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Completed RSC blocks for March

I have finished the Teal/Aqua RSC March blocks which I had intended to make.
6 Ship blocks,  2 of each size.
1 x 49 patch block

When I decided to make Ship blocks for this year’s challenge I knew I had to buy fabric for the sea and sky parts of the blocks because I had very little in my stash that was suitable. So far I’ve used scraps for the boats and, of course, for the sails.

I also made a 49 patch block in last month’s colour Orange.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

An amazing book

In recent weeks I read on several blogs about a book called “Where the crawdads sing” by Delia Owens.

I had no idea what the story was but felt drawn to read it and requested it from my Library. I collected it last week and over the past few days I read it. Initially I wasn’t sure if I would like it but that initial feeling soon passed and then I couldn’t put the book down. I have just finished it, a beautifully written book set in a part of the world of which I have no knowledge and where I will never visit. But in my head I can “see” that world and experience it because of the wonderful writing of Delia Owens.

I know someone else was on the waiting list for this book and am sorry that they will now not be able to borrow it and enjoy the experience I have had in reading it. Our Libraries closed as of yesterday due to the Coronavirus pandemic so no more borrowing for the foreseeable future. I hope all the people who requested this book will have access to it via Kindle or the library’s online system.

So, if you haven’t yet read this awesome book, please do so now, by whatever means you have at your disposal during these strange and difficult times. This book will transport you to a different time and space.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

A Surreal world

Well, here in the UK we are very much on the front line of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
I am into  social distancing because of my age and underlying health issues. My husband and I are fortunate that our house layout enables us to have our own bedrooms and bathrooms. Our daughter and family live literally round the corner so we have daily phone calls, a visit with DD on the drive and us well back in the hallway, having a conversation via the open front door! Our lovely 10 year old GD has phoned us and done some tap dancing steps on our drive. We had already arranged a sensible stock of tins and packet food before the world went crazy and have now arranged a regular food Home Delivery from a supermarket, never had this type of service before. We have no idea how long this situation will continue. My guess until at least September.
We are both  keen readers, interested in all sorts of news, documentaries etc and I, of course , am a mad quilter. I belong to two Quilting Groups and lead a Visually Impaired Group. We have organised regular email and phone conversations to keep us all “in touch”.
I have had  a cold for the past couple of days and have stayed in bed but really feel it is a cold, nothing more sinister, and I intend to get up tomorrow and hopefully do a walk in our neighbourhood. DH and I have been doing a different local walk all week until my cold happened  and everyone we meet waves and smiles and keeps their distance of 2m (6feet). Our next activities will include gardening and decluttering !

To everyone who reads my blog I wish you continued good health and happy sewing.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

I Spy quilt for Oz Comfort Quilts

Yesterday I posted a Boy’s I Spy quilt to Jan for her Oz Comfort Quilt drive.

I had sorted out novelty scraps and different sized squares (including some Crumb Blocks from my stash) and then built them up with toning or contrasting fabrics to make 7.5” blocks.
I arranged them in a 5 x 8 layout.
I had a length of blue fabric which had a mustard, navy and white leaf pattern that wasn’t wide enough for the backing but I had a piece of blue Kona fabric which was the exact colour to make a strip down the middle of the leafy backing.

Straight machine stitching down either side of the columns and rows of blocks, and my quilt was ready to bind. I just had enough of the Kona fabric for the binding, one 2.5” wof strip left over for my Strings stash.

Here it is, bright and colourful, lots of I Spy things to look for.
Finished size is 43” x 56”.

And here’s the backing:

The Kona strip is exactly the background colour of the leafy fabric. 
I’m pleased with it, the quilt went together really quickly, mostly because I used squares that were already cut.
Jan is doing such a good job with making and collecting quilts and has now started to distribute some.
I also added 3 leftover I Spy blocks and 6 QAYG blocks that I couldn’t fit into the previous parcel I sent to Jan.

Friday, 13 March 2020

A quilt finish

I’ve just finished a baby quilt for a baby boy born last Wednesday. His Mum is my beautician and Daniel is her second son. I made a quilt when her first little boy James was born five years ago.
I was sure this baby would be a girl ( how wrong I was!) but I did use gender neutral colours, green and yellow, just in case Jo had a boy. Like I did for James’s quilt, I’ve appliqu├ęd the name Daniel at the top of the quilt. I decided to use a red and white fabric I had in my stash for the name and also the binding as I thought that would add a more “boyish” slant to the quilt. It also picked out the red of the strawberries. All the fabrics came from my stash.
I hand quilted with Perle thread. The quilt measures 40” x 48”.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Using scrap strips for an excellent cause

I love making QAYG strip blocks so I always enjoy making these blocks for an excellent cause. I have followed Jan Mac’s blog for a few years, supporting her charity quilts.
So, another 21 QAYG blocks for her Oz Comfort Quilts for people who lost everything in the recent Bush Fires.


Sunday, 1 March 2020

A hugely successful day

The Baby Shower at church yesterday went fantastically well. A small group set up the room the evening before, decorating with bunting and arranging the gifts which had already been donated. It looked so bright and inviting.  So many people came to support the event bringing sacks and sacks of donations which filled the Carriers of Hope large van to overflowing! Activities were on hand for the small children who came with their parents and everyone enjoyed chatting over a cuppa and a piece of cake.

We had a short talk by Kate, one of the Carriers of Hope organisers. She told us of the work they do, from kitting out Mums and babies ready for birth and up to 6 months, then taking back all the outgrown clothes and equipment and replacing with 6 to 12 months. When a home is found for the refugees Carriers of Hope provide furniture, bed linen, towels, crockery, cookware etc etc. Again our church has collected many of these items. I took the chance to halve everything in my airing cupboard. Good for my decluttering and providing good quality towels and linens for people who needed them. Each Tuesday they use a church hall as a drop in centre where refugees can meet over coffee and take whatever clothing, food and household items they need from supplies that the Volunteers arrange on tables. Kate told us the heart rending story of one poor lady who arrived 37 weeks pregnant with just a tiny bag. Her husband had died on the journey. Can you believe how that poor woman must have felt, especially when these kind people came to her rescue gifting all that she needed for her hospital stay and for the coming baby. Makes you count your blessings.