Saturday, 24 August 2019

No sewing but some knitting

Haven’t done any sewing of late, other than a little hand quilting. Been busy with the garden, visitors and a week in Florida with our family.
During periods of TV watching I managed to complete the following baby knits: 2 jackets and a little blanket, basket style. All made using stash.

The blanket was made from 3 balls of cream coloured yarn, all slightly different shades so I knitted them I stripes. Actually you can hardly see the difference in shades.

2 jackets using variegated yarn and buttons from my button tins.


Thursday, 8 August 2019

My baby quilt’s baby has arrived!

Back in March I gifted this baby quilt to a New Zealand friend who was pregnant with her first baby.

At the time Morgan didn’t know whether baby was a boy or a girl so I made a bright quilt with Primary colours, orange and green fabrics. She was so thrilled and promised to let me know when baby was born. I was thrilled to have an email from her on Sunday with the great news that Isabel Michelle was born and some gorgeous photos. Such a beautiful baby! Both my husband and I are very fond of Morgan, a lovely young lady and we know she will be a super Mum. Lucky Isabel.

Isn’t it lovely when your baby quilt finally has an owner?
Another of my quilts living in New Zealand. I think this makes ten quilts now!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Great meeting up at Festival of Quilts!

About four years ago I discovered the organisation called Siblings Together - a Group which makes and collects donated quilts to gift to children in care or being fostered who have been separated from their siblings. Each year Siblings Together organises camps where Siblings are reunited and each child is given a quilt which will be a permanent reminder of that reunion.
The idea really touched me: I couldn’t imagine how devastating and life-changing being split from your brothers and sisters would be. To be able to meet up with your siblings again and to have the comfort of a quilt made with love by a complete stranger sounded marvellous.

Since then I have made 5 quilts and lots of blocks (some QAYG) in a few Siblings Together block drives which I send to a lady called Nicky who works so hard for this Charity.

On Thursday I was at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham and was going up and down the rows of Competition quilts when I overheard a snatch of conversation. Two ladies were standing in front of a quilt and I knew they were talking about Siblings Together. After their conversation broke up I spoke to the other lady and asked if she was connected to this Charity. She turned out to be Nicky! Such a lovely person, exactly how I had imagined her to be. We had a hug - s0he remembered my name from various parcels I had sent over the last few years and we had a lovely chat. The quilt she was standing beside was the Siblings Together Group quilt made from signed friendship stars sent in by supporters. Somehow I missed seeing the call for that Block drive so there wasn’t a star from me.
Nicky took a photo of me standing by the quilt and said she was putting it on Instagram ( she did, I’ve seen it). Thank you, Nicky, it made my day to meet you!

I visited the Festival again on Friday and thought I ought to have a photo of the quilt. Imagine my surprise when standing by the hilt was Nicky and another lady called Lucy who also makes lots of quilts for Siblings Together.

And here they are, Nicky on the left and Lucy on the right.

So delighted I met you both. It’s inspired me to make another quilt for this good cause.