Saturday, 1 June 2013

Zigzags for New Zealand

During the past few months I have been busy making baby quilts, often using tiny scraps of fabric to create Crumb Blocks and turning them into baby-sized quilts.

There were several babies due this year, mostly grandchildren of friends, so I had lots of places for the finished quilts to go.

A few days ago Annabel was born in New Zealand and I then had to decide which of four finished quilts to send.  I enlisted the help of a friend who had popped round for coffee and we auditioned them.
Mildred loved the Zigzag one! She returned to it over and over again, finding all the parts of owl's faces, cat's eyes, etc and declared that this had to be the one because Annabel would love picking out all the I Spy elements in the Zigzag scraps.

So, here it is, now fully labelled and about to be parcelled up for posting to New Zealand on Monday.

And a photo of the hand embroidered label:
This will be the 4th baby quilt I have sent to NZ this year!  There must be a Baby Boom going on over there.