Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Kaffe Fassett - Part II - eventually!

No chance to write the second part of my visit to the Kaffe Fassett Exhibition until yesterday as we had friends staying until Monday.

Then I spent ages yesterday evening trying to open my blog account with no success and much frustration on my part. It kept coming up with error messages.

I had not had a good day with "things"! First of all my iPad would open my Google mail  emails but not my Yahoo ones.  Eventually I asked my husband to help and he managed to sort out the problem.
Then I went to my granddaughter's school to yarn bomb another tree.  That was done and I enjoyed it except for the temperatures which were more like winter, not nice for working outside. I tried to photograph all three yarn bombed trees and the camera didn't work again.  DH had sorted it from last week when it failed whilst I was trying to photograph the first two trees but it appears he had slid across some button which didn't allow the camara to work AGAIN yesterday.  So then when I couldn't get into my blog last night I was completely fed up with all things technical.

However, here are the rest of my photos from last week's visit to York:

Firstly a close up of KF's Organic Radiation: based on Hearts and Crosses 

Then 2 corners of KF's Trip around the World: based on Diamond Medallion Top 1790 - 1860

A rather blurred close up of KF's Hot Wheels: based on Wheels Quilt 1850 - 1900

Close up of the centre of KF's Diamond Jubilee Quilt: 

which was based on this quilt: Cartwright Hexagon Coverlet 1865

And two close ups of KF's Autumn Crosses: based on a log cabin called the
Elderton Log Cabin Coverlet c. 1890

The original Log Cabin was red, white and cream, the blocks arranged in groups of four with the cream logs to the centre.
This was what Kaffe had honed in on, as the creams said "crosses" to him, hence the crosses.
His quilt was so effective in those delicious citrus colours. Interestingly once I had looked at his "Crosses" version and then looked back at the original quilt, the cream "crosses" jumped out at me too.

And finally, a close up of the centre of the quilt I began this post with, KF's Organic Radiation.

So, to sum up, some gorgeous KF quilts, in his signature bright glowing strong colours side by side with the original historical quilts which had inspired him.  It was very interesting to see which element of the original quilt he had made the focus for his version. Of course the sewing skills in the old quilts were amazing, tiny tiny hand stitches were unbelievable.
My favourite KF quilt was Hot Wheels, followed closely by Autumn Crosses.  Both of my friends chose the same ones as favourite - Diamond Jubilee followed by Trip around the World.
So do go to York if you can, you will not be disappointed.
Ancestral Gifts
15 May - 12 September 2015
Quilt Museum and Gallery, York
Reduced admission price for Quilters' Guild members so remember to take your card.


  1. York is such a lovely place. I remember walking the walls.
    The quilt museum wasn't open the day I was there.. Hopefully there will be another time

  2. The Museum opened in 2008 so may not have been there when you visited York. Sadly it is closing later this year as it hasn't been financially viable. Such a shame!

  3. It looks and sounds like an amazing exhibition. It's great they had the inspiration quilts hanging alongside Kaffe's versions. I wonder if there is a book of these quilts. What a shame the museum is closing.

  4. Yes, there is a book called "Kaffe Fassett's Heritage Quilts" , due out in September.