Monday, 1 June 2015

Yarn bombing!

My granddaughter's Infants School is having an Arts Week starting today.  As part of the planning for the event,  the call went out for knitters to create 8" squares to use in a Tree Yarn Bombing Project.

Granny was asked to knit some squares and I managed to make 8 before this morning's deadline.

Here they are:

I started with the plain deep blue one then realised the scraps of yarn I wanted to use up would not be enough to make all plain squares and anyway, stripes would be much more fun to knit.  So, I made 8 striped ones, including the last one which really WAS scrappy!

As our family live just around the corner I was able to pop round before school this morning to give them to Annalise. She was so pleased, and looked carefully at each one.  She was really interested when she saw me knitting the other day and was keen to learn.  So, that's the next project!  I want to buy some small child-sized knitting needles and will have a look in our knitting shop when I am in town this afternoon.

I am looking forward to seeing the Yarn bombed tree. The school has beautiful grounds with plenty of lovely trees to choose from.  Will post photos later in the week.

Happy knitting!

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  1. If you have trouble finding child size needles we have them here in spotlight. I could post some to you.