Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Christmas Placemats

One of the quilting groups I belong to has been asked to make either Christmas decorations or sets of 4 Christmas placemats for a fundraiser at our local Hospice.  From now until Christmas they will have a stall in the Hospice Reception area where people can buy Christmas cards and homemade Christmas decorations and placemats.

In the past few days I have made two sets:
The first was based on an idea from Sheila who is coordinating this project:

And the second was one I designed:

I haven't made placemats before and these have bindings made in the same way as a regular quilt.
However they are time consuming to make and I think I will try the 'bagging out" method for the next set. Hope it works and speeds up the process!
Unfortunately we quilters know from experience that however beautifully made such projects are, people expect to buy them very cheaply (just because they are handmade!) and sometimes you don't even recoup the cost of the materials.  In this case anything we do earn is pure profit as all materials were donated by us group members.
Fingers crossed for the "bagging out" method!