Sunday, 15 December 2019

A lovely gift

I belong to two Patchwork  Groups and on Monday we held the last meeting before Christmas of the Meriden Group.
One of the members, Wendy has made loads (hundreds I imagine) of Project Linus quilts. She has made lots of different designs which usually require squares and rectangles in certain sizes. She is very systematic with cutting and storing the difference pieces.
On Monday Wendy surprised me with a bag of “scraps” - her description of the contents of the large bag she was gifting to me. I was amazed when I got home to discover the “scraps” looked like this:

Squares, rectangles and 1.5” strips, all beautifully arranged in labeled bags!
My goodness I shall have fun with these next year. Lots of different colours so I think I’ll use a lot of them in RSC2020 projects. I’ll have to think of some suitable blocks.

A great gift, thank you, Wendy.


  1. Other people's scrappy fabrics always seem so much more interesting than your own and you will gave fun working with some new fabrics next year. Xx

  2. That's a great stash to receive. You will have fun

  3. Yes, a lovely gift indeed! I'm sure you'll have fun sorting through another persons scrappy fabrics! My girlfriend & I swop our fabric baskets now & then, and it's always amazing to see what she does with my little off cuts {she loves small bits for small piecing like in the recent Bonny Hunter mystery quilt.}