Thursday, 6 July 2017

Apostrophe misuse - does it bug you too?

As a retired teacher incorrect grammar irritates me intently.
The current craze for using the word 'myself" instead of plain old 'you' drives me crazy on a daily basis! 
A good example of that misuse is when waiters are taking orders at your table and as they come to each person they say 'And for yourself?' When it should just be 'And for you?'

But my biggest bugbear is the misuse of the good old apostrophe!  People litter them around like confetti.  My husband knows my utter dislike of this and yesterday pointed out the following clip in our daily paper:

Sorry, it's a bit pale but I hope you can see the TWO apostrophe errors! ( Gift's For Teacher's' ) !!!!!!!!! 
Waitrose is a very up-market supermarket here in the UK and if their staff don't know how to use them correctly, heaven help the staff in other stores.  I expect someone in their Marketing Department dreamed up this advert, no doubt has a University Degree, let's hope it isn't an English Degree!
Then, as I was tidying up some knitting bits and bobs last night the heading on my new knitting pattern caught my eye.............. 

'Babie's'!!!! Drives me mad!  Think I might see if I can find out where to send complaint emails about both of these howlers.

OK, rant over!

More interesting things:

I have finished another little baby cardigan for my lovely friend Amy's expected baby.  This little thing didn't cost me a penny to make: wool was an almost complete ball left over from another project and the buttons were from my button box, a set of 10 buttons which were in an old Button Tin donated to me by a girl my daughter used to work with years ago.  Her mother had recently died and Frances was clearing out the house and somehow knew I was a button freak so the whole box was given to me.  I have used so many buttons from that box and now 5 more dear little yellow ones finish this little cardigan. And I still have another 5 to use another time!

I had wondered how well this variegated wool would work making such small sleeves, fronts and back.  I feared the stripes would come out so randomly on each piece that it would look odd. However, although each front is different I think it's worked out OK.  Also the sleeves have a different placement of stipes but not annoyingly so.  Hope you agree.



  1. It's Avery cute cardy. Oops, do I have to watch my grammar now... Do you use any yarn or does it need to be wool. Sorry, no question marks. Too much trouble.

  2. Oh no , I'm nervous now because I try not to make mistakes but I know I do sometimes. I hadn't noticed the use of 'Yourself'. I'll probably start hearing it everywhere now. I love the way the stripes work in your little cardigan. It's such pretty colours.

  3. such a sweet cardigan. Whops sorry I struggle with English grammar and spelling hate to admit but never got my GCE in it but think I am not too bad with the apostrophe