Thursday, 20 July 2017

Does "Practice make perfect"?

I have never done much machine quilting as I enjoy hand quilting, especially using  larger stitches with Perle threads as I think they add interest to the quilt.

However I have tried machine stitching in the ditch and sewing a machine foot's width either side of rows and columns.  I'm not too successful with in the ditch quilting as I find it incredibly hard to stay in the ditch and it is so noticeable when you wander off.  I tend to use this method if I want to machine stitch between the blocks before adding Perle hand quilting elsewhere in the quilt.

On a few baby/children's quilts where I have done the double row of machine quilting, sometimes more successfully than others.  I have a tendency to wobble a bit and find the stitch length can vary too.

However, I had two baby quilts ready to sandwich and quilt and decided to do the double row of machine quilting on both.

Happy Cats was done yesterday and "What's in the Square" this afternoon. In fact I sandwiched AND machine quilted "What's in the Square" this afternoon so I am feeling pleased with myself.
I've had a close look at the quilting and I am really pleased as it's pretty even and the stitches all look a even length, no sudden bits of tiny stitches.  So I am beginning to think that the old adage "Practice makes perfect" may be right.  I'm not perfect but vastly improved!

Here's Happy Cats:

I have no idea why this photo has been turned around, all the other 5 photos are correct!

.A close up of the stitching:
I will hand quilt around each picture with the thread I used for machining.
It's Mettler Silk-finish 100% cotton. Recently my LQS decided to change the range of threads they sell so had a sale on Mettler threads and I bought a few spools of variegated threads in colours I thought I would use in future projects. This blue/green/yellow spool is just right for this quilt.

What's in the Square?

 A close up of the stitching:
Again I have been able to use one of my Mettler sale spools, a pink/lilac mix.

This is the thread I will use to hand quilt around the pictures. It's Pearl Crown Rayon  by YLI.

So now I have two quilts well on the way to being finished. 
Happy Cats is first in the queue and I will start hand quilting this evening whilst I watch some TV.



  1. so good to read you have mastered machine quilting. Like you in the ditch is a problem for me as I go anywhere but in the ditch.What seems to be the struggle for me is he weight of the quilt, if I try a small piece it is okay but as you say practice helps. Now for the nice bit to do the hand quilting enjoy it.

  2. I rarely do in the ditch and straight lines. That's why most of mine are stipples or a FMQ design. I find them easier. No, my stitches are not always even but I love how they work out. Mistakes and all. I have 1 Aussie Hero quilt and 3 kids quilts to do this weekend. I have just basted them all. Ready for a good sewing day tomorrow.


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