Saturday, 22 July 2017

Found - a stash of blocks!

I am sorting out my quilting supplies in my Sewing Room.
What a job, trying to organise them into "Like with like", finding UFOs, trying to organise all those scraps etc etc.

However, I came across a bag of blocks, in various stages of production: some 2" strips of all kinds of coloured fabrics, one sewn into a 9.5" block,

Others paired right sides together and sewn ready to be cut along the diagonal to yield blocks like these:

20 in all but I could easily make that up to 24 blocks from the contents of the bag.
This will definitely be my next UFO project.  I have lots of 100% white Egyptian cotton strips which could be used for sashing with some bright scrap cornerstones to make a Siblings Together Quilt.
These were made so many years ago I cannot even remember what they are called or why I started that project.  I can see that my sewing has improved since then so "Practice must indeed make perfect"!
Have too many things in the pipeline to start on this quilt now but I have given it a name:
Square Dance.


  1. Beautiful string blocks. Actually, I LOVE string block quilts. When my box of orphan blocks begins to overflow, I have been know to sew a row of them into backings.
    Will enjoy seeing Square Dance comes together in the future.

  2. Square dance is a great find. Even better that it isn't too far off a finish..Have a great day.

  3. good to have fond these blocks, I expect we all have things started then forgotten about in our sewing stash. These will make a great quilt for siblings together

  4. That is a fantastic find! If you're anything like me, you'll tuck them away and come across them again in five years and say to yourself, 'Yes, I really should finish this.' And then set them aside again. Have a great day! --Andrea

  5. Wow what a gift, to find such lovely blocks for your next project. They look great too.


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