Friday, 28 July 2017

Making blocks like crazy!

Following on from cleaning and sorting my Sewing Room I am still dealing with scraps and trying to use up "things" I have found.

I found a Square in a square block given to me by a New Zealand quilting friend as an example of this block. I decided not to add it to my Orphan blocks but to 'Use it up"!

So yesterday I created a block which will be made into a 12.5" QAYG block for Soy Amado.  I also used strings and leftover piano keys and added scraps from my recently sorted stash:

I made this larger than the size required because I find that QAYG takes up a bit of the size and the blocks finish a bit smaller.  I can always trim it to size after quilting.
I have been amassing a huge amount of part-finished Crumb blocks so I finished off 12 more of those:

Finally I had a splurge on String blocks using phone book paper as a base - 24 of them:

All made from my strips stash (recently added to !).  I think this photo illustrates beautifully the colours I use most: blue, pink and green!


  1. Very nice work. Enjoy your visitors

  2. like how you have extended the square in a square and string blocks look really good. Still waiting for a new telephone directory so I can use the old one and have a go at the blocks

  3. I've never tried QAYG. Have you done it before? What size are your string blocks? And you just reminded me I need to make a bunch of crumb blocks!

  4. Great use of the scraps, especially the crumb blocks and the rainbow of strings. Keep up the good work!

  5. They all look lovely together. I worked with my blues too. I want to get some string blocks done soon.