Monday, 17 July 2017

Sorting and Sewing

I have been sorting out a few fabrics: 2 pieces I can use for backing my Happy Cats quilt and one for the pink Happy Blocks quilt top I put together some weeks ago.

I have trimmed all the little cat motifs ready to use in a future Happy Cats quilt, and created a Project Pack with the remaining cat fabrics and other fabrics I used in the one I am currently sewing together.
I also added chunks of leftover fabrics I used for framing the cat motifs.

Instead of putting the leftover scraps and chunks into different places in my stash they are being stored altogether which should make it easier and quicker to make another quilt.
I also added a note with the sizes I had cut the framing fabrics and popped that into the pack.
When I sorted through my cat fabrics looking for suitable ones for Happy Cats I found this strip of black and white whimsical cats.  It's been in my stash for many years as I never knew how I would use them.
Oops, this has been turned on end!
I ran out of time to do any more cutting but I will trim these into separate blocks and put together another Project Pack with bright solid fabrics for frames . 
I think this might make a Siblings Together quilt.
I have begun sewing together the rows for my Happy Cats quilt.  Hope to complete this later today.

In order to cut down on the amount for scraps and leftovers I have, I have decided to try to finish up more bits as I go along or make Project Packs.

When I finished the baby cardigans I was left with an almost full ball of grey and part of a ball of navy.  A friend recently gave me a full ball of navy (which looks the same colour as mine) and an almost full ball of red and white.  Instead of putting these away in my yarn stash I have started to crochet a striped baby blanket which can be used in the car or pushchair.

I started with a chain of 100 and am using a double row of dc to make each stripe.
Here's how it's looking so far:

The colours are brighter than the photo shows.  A real pillar box red and navy not as black as it looks in the photo.


  1. Happy Cats looks like it's going to be a fun quilt. I can't wait to see it all finished. Have a great day! --Andrea

  2. so love the way you are using these cat blocks, must check mine out as I too have few might even add more to the stash when I go to FOQ. You are certainly very organised

  3. Have you tried the cat crochet blanket pattern yet


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