Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Cleaning up the Scraps

I am always fired up by the RSC blocks that appear on the So scrappy link up each Saturday. Very inspiring

This weekend I loved Angie's post on her blog called Quilting on the Crescent and photos of the great 49 patch blocks she made using 1.5" squares.  Each blocks was a single colour and as this month's chosen colour is blue, she made a blue block to add to her growing stash of 7" 49 Patch blocks.

My (Scrappy) Dreams Come True on Blue Bayou is the title of the post.

I thought I would attack my smaller scraps that were a large pile following my recent Sewing Room sort out.  I had a wonderful time ironing scraps and cutting them into various sized squares, loads of 1.5", some 2" and 2.5". 

I had just the tin for the 1.5" scraps (never cut this size before so that's a new category in my Scrap User's System).

Today I began tackling even smaller scraps which I have bagged according to colours.  These bags are generally used when I am making Sun Bonnet Sue - type baby quilts.  Haven't investigated them for a while and I was surprised to find loads of useful sized scraps.  I cut up the yellow and pink scraps this afternoon and also found lots of strings to add to my Strings bag.
Yesterday I also found another piece of the cat motif fabric gifted a couple of years ago by a Patchwork Group member.  I cut those up and added them to my Cat Quilt project bag.
15 of them so I think I probably have enough cat motifs for 3 baby quilts!
Off to iron those pink and yellow strings so I can put them away before I cook dinner.


  1. It can be fun playing with all those scraps. I think I'm overdue to play with mine...maybe after I finish my current project. Happy sewing! --Andrea

  2. Sounds like you are making great progress with your scraps. You will be turning out a few lovely quilts soon...

  3. so rewarding when scraps are cut and sorted 1.5" are tiny never worked with such small ones. Eager to see what you do with them. I too have some of the cat fabric, was thinking maybe I could use some of the blocks for cards yes think I will get it out today and have a play

  4. Way to go! String blocks are so versatile and such a good use of scraps plus they look so very good in blues.