Tuesday, 11 July 2017

More knitting - 2 for the price of 1!

I have been enjoying knitting for my friend Amy's expected baby. Only about 5 weeks to go now.
Knitting all done, now I need to concentrate on the baby quilt.

I bought a couple of new knitting patterns and I started with the hoodie in a lovely variegated grey/white acrylic yarn. Nice to knit with and very soft, ideal for a baby.  I think acrylic yarns make sense for babies as their clothes are always in the washing machine!

Not used this yarn before but my local wool and sewing shop stocks it.  They had little cardigans knitted up in the various yarns and I loved the way this one knits up, making a pattern which almost looks like Fair Isle.

It's called CHERISH, baby double knitting from King Cole.  This is a Skipton (Yorkshire) company but the yarn is actually made on licence in Turkey!  A bit ironic as Yorkshire was the seat of the woollen industry all the time I was growing up until perhaps the 1970s.

Anyway, when I was part way through knitting the hoodie my neighbour came round for coffee and admired the yarn so took a closer look at it and immediately spotted two joins in the yarn, not far apart, which I would soon have to be knitting and working around.  I had already found one join so my neighbour suggested I took the knitting yarn back to the shop and ask for a new ball. I would never have thought of doing this. However, I did and was given another ball. So I then had 3 balls instead of the 2 I had purchased. Of course I carried on with the old ball of yarn and finished the hoodie.

Here it is:

As I had the rest of the 2nd ball and a completely unused new one I made another cardigan using my old tried and tested  pattern (like the previous blue/yellow/white striped one) but knitted it in the next size up.
Ta da!
Interestingly when I rewound the small amount of yarn left I found another 2 joins in the yarn, only a metre or so apart!
So, two baby jackets for the price of one.  I also sorted through my box of white and cream buttons and found sets for both items. I also made lots of other sets of buttons up, ready for future projects.
Here's all four knitted jackets:

I am really pleased with them.  I have so enjoyed knitting again!

I have an hour or so this morning to do some sewing so I will be concentrating on the Cat baby quilt, also for Amy.  I went to the LQS yesterday but they didn't have any cat fabrics in the colours I wanted but I did come home with another FQ which I think will tone in so I can replace a few of the 5.5" squares and get a little more variety and colour into the quilt.


  1. I do like the grey yarn and the design it has made when Knitted up. You were lucky to get the extra ball. That's a win...

  2. that is bad re the wool joins, I used to knot quite a bit and never came across that before. Little jumper look lovely.

  3. I love your knitted baby jackets.


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