Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Inspiration from the Internet

One of my favourite pastimes is trawling the Internet for quilting ideas. I follow a lot of blogs where I get loads of ideas and they lead me to other blogs where I find lots of inspiration.  A while ago I found Angie's blog, Quilting on the Crescent, through the So Scrappy Rainbow Challenge blog.

Angie used 1.5" squares, all the same colour to create a 49 patch block, every square was a different fabric.  I squirrelled that idea away and then saw Cathy's Roman Stripe blocks ( based on a vintage quilt she spied on Etsy)  Those were turned into a fabulous quilt entitled Checkered Past.  I loved the idea of alternating 5 x 1.5" squares with calico strips.

That triggered a frenzy of cutting scraps, in some cases from a tiny scrap, to make a tin full of 1.5" squares.

So for the past two days I have snatched bits of spare time to churn out one blue 49 patch block, each fabric is different which was more difficult than I thought as although I thought I had lots of different squares cut I was surprised how many 49 actually is!  However, I have completed one Blue Block:

I also have a Green Block all laid out ready to sew.
Then I had a go at some Roman Stripe blocks, some I made Leader and Ender style between webbing the 49 patch block. Some blue, some green and one turquoise block.
A while ago I kitted out lots of Twinkler Blocks, again a super idea I learned on Cathy's Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting blog.  I had to cut some more small squares for the star points but have made all these, 18 blocks in all. Tomorrow I need to put all my Twinker Blocks together and see how many I actually have................... perhaps enough for a quilt?
Today's blocks:
I love using up scraps.  Thank you Angie and Cathy for your ideas!


  1. Always good to get different ideas. I think it would be very hard to find that many different fabrics in all the colours..

  2. good to see how you use your scraps, I too am a scrap lover though not one such small squares like this, they all work very well and also love the twinkler stars.The internet is certainly very good for ideas I check blogs every day though very lazy about doing mine