Monday, 21 August 2017

More great quilts from the Festival of Quilts

Lots of photos of some of my favourite quilts at the recent Festival of Quilts.

And close up
And close up
The tiniest hexies imaginable - probably finished at 0.5"
My finger shows how small those hexies are!

I thought this quilt was very clever and beautifully executed. Called "Latinus Stupidii for Quilters" by Moira Neal, Cambridge.  It depicts shelves of plants created in various ways, all with invented Latin names. Each plant is made up of various quilting tools.
Close up of the rotary cutter flowers

Cactus using safety pins for the prickles

Collections of small quilts

Amazing New York Beauty quilt - all the points were perfect!

This one reminded me of strata and fault lines in Geology.
There was an exhibition of small quilts made by pairing quilters from three countries: The Netherlands, UK & Switzerland. Each pair sent four fabrics to their partner and the partner could add three more fabrics of their own.  The theme for the quilts was CLIMATE.
And the finished quilt.

And the finished Polar bear quilt.
This one was entitled 'Lost Paradise".
This quilt was made by 35 people showing the names of women killed by their partners or ex partners.  Very graphic and thought provoking:
And a close up
Finally two entries in the Quilt Creations category:

My camera started playing up at this point and I took some on my mobile phone.  I haven't downloaded those yet. Perhaps another post as some of those include photos of some of the winning quilts from each competition category.





  1. even after 3 days at the show I missed some of these quilts! thanks for sharing Linda must sort mine out too

  2. I loved the sewing flowers quilt. How much fun would that have been to make. Those Hexies were tiny too. Thanks for the photos..

  3. Oh these are all stunning! Thank you for sharing! :)

  4. Wonderful selection! Those hexis are so very tiny, and I loved the 'new york beauty' quilt! Thanx for sharing!