Sunday, 20 August 2017

Neutral string blocks

I'm linking with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 17 on the SoScrappy blog.
I follow the blog each week, enjoying the marvellous blocks people make from their abundant scraps.

I haven't been sewing along with each month's chosen colour but I did make some blue String blocks last month as that was the colour choice for July and I am building up a stack of 5" String blocks which eventually will be sewn into a quilt top.

This month's colour is Neutral and I never have many neutral scraps but I knew I had a few (not many variations though) but I managed to make 10 blocks this afternoon.  I already had 6 neutral blocks so with today's haul I will have enough to make 4 neutral coloured diamond blocks for the quilt.

Here they are:

I now have 96 finished blocks.  I need more yellow, orange and purple ones, all colours I don't have many scraps for.


  1. you certainly have masses o
    of blocks made, nt done mine for this month and only doing one mine are crazy patchwork ones