Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Packaged and in the Post

I finished my other 4 QAYG blocks yesterday. It has been very useful Machine Quilting practice for me. 
I haven't done a lot of Machine Quilting. This is for 2 reasons: I like hand quilting ( I find it relaxing and therapeutic) and I have had great difficulty putting my walking foot attachment onto my machine( you need to be left handed - I'm not! - & very nimble fingered to fiddle with an extremely short screw).

However, a few months ago I was gifted another sewing machine and in a 'light bulb moment" I decided to leave my machine fitted with the pesky walking foot so it was ready for action.

Today I am hoping to tackle sandwiching my Wee Bees April quilt and that will be mostly machine quilted.

In addition to the two QAYG blocks I showed in my last blog post, here are 4 more:

All six blocks packed up and about to go to the Post Office when my husband and I walk into town.
I have just added up how many of these blocks I have sent to Nicky and it's 17, just 1 short of 2 quilts-worth. I think I have got the addiction out of my system for the moment, so back to the 2 quilts that I am in the process of completing.

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