Friday, 27 May 2016

Off the Back Burner

I recently sewed up a pile of QAYG blocks for Nicky's Block Drive ( The Siblings Together Quilt Block Drive!for Siblings Together.
I ran out of batting so had to put two of the blocks to one side.

I recently had some batting delivered to my house as I am now ready to sandwich the Wee Bees April quilt and needed more batting urgently.
Before I start that big quilt I decided to get some smaller things finished so the QAYG blocks came off the Back Burner and here they are:

Nice and bright - just how I like it.
Of course I have now got the bug for making more so there are 4 more in progress.
I am not really procrastinating about sandwiching the bigger quilt but I haven't been well again ( this time a balance issue connected to the virus I caught 8 weeks ago!) so kneeling on the floor battling to get the quilt sandwich smooth is not for me at the moment.
So, in the meantime I am cleaning out a few more scraps for a useful project.
Happy sewing!


  1. Oh Linda. Please take care... We all have had dreaded colds that have lasted for weeks. Just when you think you are getting better something else starts...

  2. Thanks, Jo. Gradually improving. Not swinging from the chandeliers yet!