Saturday, 10 October 2015

Noah's Ark is on its way!

Little Tobias (Toby) has arrived in New Zealand so my Noah's Ark Quilt was posted yesterday and is now on its way, on the long journey to Aotearoa - The Land of the Long White Cloud.

A reminder of the front:

I was very pleased with the pieced backing, using up lots of leftover scraps from this quilt and others too.

The Pieced  Backing: 
Granny Rose emailed us a lovely photo of the wee boy, at the very new age of 6 hours!  Hope he loves being snuggled in his quilt and spends happy times kicking on it on the floor.
Welcome to the world, Toby!


  1. What a lovely quilt to be gifted. I am sure it will be loved and used.

  2. A lovely quilt hug for a darling wee boy

  3. A wonderful gift for an exciting time! Toby is one of my very favourite names. He is sure to love his quilt.