Friday, 16 October 2015

Last craft item finished!

On Wednesday evening I finished knitting the pink and lilac beanie I am putting into my Shoebox.

Here it is, bright and girly!
And here it is again, beside the knitted Shoulder bag:
I think it's fascinating how knitting two colours together gives you a completely new colour.
Look at the contrast between the beanie and the bag, yet the lilac and pink yarns are the same!
 I have now finished all the handmade items I intend to put in my Shoebox so it's almost ready to hand over at the special Church Service on 1st November. A few sweets to buy when I am in town tomorrow and then it's done.
And, no last minute rush!
Last night I completed hand sewing the binding on my Wonky Stars quilt.  I am going to try to photograph that today but it rather grey and overcast so we'll have to see.
With a bit of luck I'll write another post later today.


  1. Cute set. How many shoe boxes do you get filled

  2. Last year our church donated over 250 boxes.

  3. I love the shoe box appeal . . . my kids do one each