Monday, 12 October 2015

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

No I am not fighting the battle of Agincourt with Henry V, I am fighting the Battle of the Post that will Not Appear!

So in the spirit of " Let us try again one more time" .......... Here we go!

Last night I spent a frustrating hour trying to get my post published.
Three parts to it: my knitted Christmas Bell, the little knitted shoulder bag and 2 more Spider web Blocks.

First of all the whole post seemed to be OK, then mysteriously the first part about the knitted Bell disappeared and it seemed as though the last 2/3 of the post was OK, so I re-wrote and published the bit about the Christmas Bell.  THEN I discovered that that was the only piece of the whole thing that had been posted. At that point I admitted defeat, the computer had won, and off I went to bed.

New dawn, new day, so I am going to try again. My generation was brought up on the maxim; "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again'!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

At the weekend I knitted a pretty little shoulder bag to add to my Christmas Shoe box.  It uses two colours of wool that you knit together which gives a pretty marbling effect.  I chose a deep pink and a lilac.  Together they create a completely different colour.

Last week I made  a Spider web block for my Patchwork Group's quilt that we are making for one of our members.  It was then decided that we needed more blocks so I offered to make two more. 
 I enjoy making these blocks and as I already have a stash of strips they are quick to make.
Here's the two extra I made yesterday afternoon:

Nice and bright and scrappy, just what I like in a quilt - and, more importantly what the recipient of this quilt likes.

I also trimmed my Wonky Stars quilt and sewed on the bindings.  That's ready for me to hand sew whilst I'm at my Patchwork Group on Thursday morning.

I have just looked back at the To Do List that I posted on 19th September.  I'm really rattling through that list.  Once the binding on Wonky Stars is sewn and I have finished knitting the beanie I started yesterday whilst watching TV, I will have ticked them all off the list.  Hurrah.

Now I am holding my breath as I try to publish this post. Here goes!



  1. Your knitted bell from the last post is cute. I make them too. A little different from yours but they all look great on the tree.
    Love the spider web quilts. I will be finishing 2 over the next couple of weeks.
    Your shoe box goodies are great. I have to have mine in for next week. Hope to get them finalised over the weekend...
    Good on you for all you are getting done.

    1. Posted the Bell off to Upton House today. I hope I will get to their Christmas Festiviities. Enjoyed knitting it, never made one before, used the pattern supplied with the little free kit.

  2. Computery stuff can be so frustrating sometimes but it looks as though you figured it out. Your Christmas Show Box is filling up with lovely gifts, and youre making great progress with your spider web blocks.

    1. Not quite sure how I made this post work, never had this problem before. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the Group's Spider web blocks.

  3. technology hey
    before kids I thought I was a wizz but now omg the past 10 years things have gotten so technological *insert eye roll* that my now 10 year old seems more savvy than his Mama