Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wonky Stars Quilt is finished!

On Thursday evening I finished hand sewing down the binding on my Wonky Stars Quilt.
I have wanted to make one of these quilts (Bonnie Hunter's free pattern on her blog for a long time.  I love scrap quilts and always have a stash of 2.5" squares which are needed for this Quilt design.  However you do need a lot of neutrals for the stars and I realised there is a big gap in my stash where neutrals are concerned.  This quilt pretty much cleared me out of neutral scraps although I have a lot of neutral 2.5" squares leftover ready for another Wonky Stars Quilt.

Close up of a block:

I did a lot of hand quilting with variegated pink Perle thread so it took a long time to complete.  But I am really happy with the result, well worth all the time and effort.

The quilt is a large quilt, much bigger than the normal sizes I make baby quilts but this should be very useful for a long time as it will start as  Playmat and snuggle-time blanket, then it could be used on the child's first bed.

It measures 42" wide and 55" long.

The piece of Froggy fabric I had in mind for the backing wasn't big enough so I rooted through my larger pink pieces and found a pretty flowered fabric which was exactly the same shade of pink as the background of the Froggy one.  Although they are different patterns they really merge into one!

And here's  a photo of the whole backing:
It is finished just in time for our Step granddaughter's baby which is due tomorrow.  If it's a girl of course!  I have a boy quilt ready as well.
So, that completes all of my "To Do" list.  I am very pleased with myself!


  1. LOVING this quilt .. .. .. 'if it is a girl' ha ha that made me giggle

  2. I love this quilt too. I have wanted to make this design for so long!

  3. It looks amazing. Well done. Great size too