Monday, 17 December 2012

Plodding on

Gradually working my way through my 'To Do' List!
 Finished the strippy cushion to compliment the Group Strip Quilt our group has made for Ruth. I'm really pleased with it and I'll publish a photo on Flickr and here on my blog after I hand it over on Thursday. We are having a celebration lunch/Christmas get-together in a local pub. My first turkey dinner of the season!
Cut out the linings and handles for Isla's and Neve's Christmas gift patchwork totes. Tomorrow I hope to find time to start sewing them. We'll see, as my daughter and little granddaughter are coming over for lunch. Can't wait for them to see our new tree. It really looks beautiful.
Recorded the first of my two Hospital Radio Christmas broadcasts this evening and tomorrow I have to finalise the script for my second programme ready to record on Thursday evening.
Oh, and I even made 4 dozen Mince pies this morning. I shall be making a couple more batches including one that I want to give to the wonderful team at the Cancer Centre where I have been so fantastically looked after this past 15 months. I'm going for some blood tests on Thursday morning so plan to take a big plate of home made Mince pies for their morning coffee.
Goodness, Thursday sounds pretty busy! Perhaps Friday will be more restful.
Hope you are all working through your 'To Do' Lists too. No doubt lots of sewing, perhaps a little cooking too? Leave a Comment to tell me what you are working on and hoping to complete this week.

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