Saturday, 22 December 2012

Big reveal and .........finish!

Well, our Patchwork Group celebrated Ruth's birthday on Thursday with a lovely Christmas lunch at a local pub. Delicious!
And we handed over our Group Quilt as her special present so I can now reveal it.

And a Close-up of some of the blocks:

My personal gift was a matching cushion:

And a small poster in a photo frame:

We had a lovely time and Ruth was thrilled with all of her gifts.  Job done!

Now today I have worked hard to finish two little Tote bags I have been making for little gifts for my nextdoor neighbours's grandchildren.  Pleased with them both; I love the colours and I am very pleased with how well their names show up on the bags.  Handing them over secretly tomorrow to be found under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning along with a storybook for each of the girls.

And a photo of the back of the bags:

I used lots of 2.5" squares from my stash.  Whenever I finish a project or come to almost the end of a piece of fabric I cut a variety of squares: 2.5" & 3" being my favourites.  So the bags were just a matter of choosing squares I felt went together, in two different colour groups to make the bags look 'different'.  Happy with the result so I hope Isla and Neve love them too!

So, that's my sewing done until after Christmas!  Tomorrow I am going to give my sewing room a quick sorting out, putting away things tidily so I can start afresh after the holiday break with some new projects and finishing some outstanding ones!


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