Sunday, 2 December 2012

Flickr friends and finishes

Goodness, it's almost a month since my last post.  However, I have been busy, starting various projects and finishing an I Spy Bubbles quilt for Robert.

I have also had lovely little surprise packages from Flickr contacts.

Firstly, some scraps from Cindy in Florida:

And a pretty linen heart (which I shall hang on our Christmas tree) from Dorte in Denmark:

I love looking at everyone's work on Flickr and occasionally send little packets of scraps to people whom I feel conected with.  Both of these little gifts were in a response to packets of scraps I had sent.  Aren't quilters a lovely group of people?
I have really enjoyed making another Freckles Quilt from the book Scrap Republic by Emily Cier.
Each one comes out so well, a little different from the previous one and I have loved making them.  More to come too I think as I have lots of novelty scraps to fussy cut for the "bubbles" and several pieces of fabric in my stash I can piece together for the background as I did with this quilt that I finshed a few days ago:

The background was pieced using four different cream coloured fabrics from my stash.

Two close ups of some of the fussycut I Spy Bubbles

As with the other quilts I have made using this design I have hand quilted around each bubble using Perle cotton, this time a variagated turquoise one. Quick to do and it really makes the bubble stand out.
This one was posted off to little Robert on Thursday so I hope it arrives safely and that he enjoys looking at all the I Spy bubbles and snuggling under it.

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