Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Phew! All's well that ends well

I had a worrying weekend after I discovered that the I Spy Bubbles quilt I had posted to little Robert hadn't arrived! All that work, all those weeks of sewing, only to be lost in the system somewhere.
After several phone calls to Robert's Daddy and his visit to the local Post Depot yesterday he found the parcel and had it safely in his hand, ready to take home for Robert to open. What a relief! Whenever I post off one of my quilts I always say a little prayer for it to arrive safely
Didn't work this time though.

I'm busy on the sewing front, trying to finish several projects due by Christmas and also writing two radio scripts for our Christmas/New Year special schedule at Hospital Radio. Finished the first one yesterday and about to write the second one today. Love researching for the programmes and then choosing the music and working out all the timings. Like doing a jigsaw puzzle really.

I must finish hand blanket stitching names on the front of two little patchwork bags I am making as little Christmas gifts for my nextdoor neighbours' little granddaughters. 
Also need to cut out the pieces for a cushion that is intended as a gift for a lovely Patchwork friend whose birthday is next Wednesday. Help! I'm running out of time.

I will post some photos of my finished projects soon! I think that's called Positive Thinking!.

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