Sunday, 5 December 2021

Another RSC 2021 finish!

 I finished another RSC 2021 quilt, using string blocks I made over a couple of RSC years. I created a flimsy a little while ago but now it’s a finished quilt which will eventually be donated to the Linus Project ( when I have a few quilts gathered together).

It measures 42” square and is machine quilted.

Some close ups of blocks:

Colours are much brighter, we had switched the electric lights on by the time I took the photos.
I bought 3 metres of a lovely backing fabric a little while ago online in a closing down sale and used some for this quilt. I love it.

I knitted another baby cardigan and matching hat:

And knitted three teddy bears from wool scraps:

This evening I parcelled up all my knitted baby things ready to post to trainee midwife Evie tomorrow. They will be gifted to new babies born in the two Maternity Units in London where Evie works.

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  1. Oh goodness, I love that last pic, all your hand knitted goodies all ready for sending off! They will be much loved & used I'm sure. And so generous of you Linda. I love your string quilt, the pinks & yellows are delightful together.

  2. My goodness, I knew you’d been knitting and saving things up, but look at that yummy grouping! Such beautiful things! And I love the string quilt you made - you know I have a weakness for strings. It actually reminds me of one I did about 3 years ago. Do you have cool-colored blocks for another string quilt? xo

  3. Oh nice quilt finish Linda! I can imagine the lights going on around late afternoon for you, I remember that well!! The lighting does make a difference I know. You've put together a smashing package of your knitted goodies which will be gratefully received and what lucky babies!

  4. Oh, the string quilt is lovely but I just am awed by that pile of knitted baby things. Oh, how cute. Ah, to be a new mom again!!