Sunday, 21 November 2021

A Comedy of Errors

 This week I have managed to baste, machine quilt and bind my 49 squares RSC quilt.

Basting went well, the machine quilting went pretty well too. Thank you to the two ladies who suggested quilting ideas for me on last week’s blogpost. I am going to try your idea Jenny on the next smaller baby quilt I make for the hospital. I found a You Tube video that I think is doable for me. But I decided to go with Raewyn’s idea of going from corner to corner. But I just did that on the centre section of sashed 49 squares blocks, then sewed along the borders like I usually do. Pleased with the result.

Then the curtain was raised on the  Comedy of Errors as I began to sew on my binding, a job I’ve done hundreds of times. But for some reason I never stopped making mistakes: I didn’t notice (twice!) that the machine was looping because the thread had fallen off the screw that the cotton reel feeds around, two or three times I discovered I had completely gone wrong with the distance I was using for the seam line, etc etc. Finally got the binding on and I called it a day. My husband said I should just have stopped sewing near the beginning of this frustrating sewing session and I agree with him! Even more so the following day when I came to hand sew the binding because I had put it on the wrong side of the quilt. My group said don’t unpick it, just fold it to the front and stitch it down. I have, and it looks fine. I can only think I sewed it wrongly because both the outer border and the backing are the same fabric. That or old age!

Anyway, here it is:

It measures 42” square and will be donated to the Linus Project when I have another couple of quilts to add. The lady who used to be the local distributor has retired and no one has taken over so I know I’ll have to look further afield for a distributor. A job for 2022 I think.

A few close ups of some of the blocks:

I finished another baby cardigan and two matching hats which I love!

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  1. What a lovely finish on this one--very pretty blocks and the binding looks great!!
    I hate when things happen like that--I had to take out Jack the Ripper this morning trying to figure out which way to sew on the one-way design fabric for side borders...sigh!! I wanted them facing inward...but my brain wouldn't compute!! With me it must be old age--hahaha hugs, Julierose

  2. Well, the finished result is delightful Linda! And the wee baby cardigan & matching hats made me smile :)

  3. Great job sticking with it! That frustration gets me too!
    And we feel like things are going great and then wham, loops everywhere! The finished quilt is great and the quilting worked very well! My RSC are still in the boxes , maybe next week they will surface! Stay safe and sew on !

  4. Every once in awhile something goes wrong in the basting-quilting-binding process that makes me tear my hair out. I’ve learned that my machine doesn’t like to quilt with thread from a cone in a stand. So I must always use the thread spools on the machine. And since I prefer to sew all my bindings by machine (and the charities here request No Hand Sewn Bindings), I always stitch it onto the back first and finish with a nice topstitch on the front. Your colorful RSC quilt is lovely, Linda!!

  5. Even with your comedy of errors - which can happen to any of us - you have a beautifully finished quilt.