Sunday, 25 April 2021

Rounding up the Blues

 I have had a productive Blue month. Just made a total of everything I’ve sewn this month.

First of all, those already written about this month:

Blue Patches Cat Quilt 

Cool Strings Quilt

15 Wonky Stars 

12 Easy Breezy blocks

24 Ticky Tacky Houses (17 shown last week, 7 more made yesterday)

Underneath the latest Ticky Tacky houses are 2 piles of Pink and Green Easy Breezy blocks.

I discovered 8 cut out and kitted up Pink ones when I was looking for something else in my stash and then decided to cut out and make some green ones. Before I knew it I had 14 Green ones too.

Laid out all 34 blocks to see what they looked like together:

I can see the blocks will need some careful laying out eventually, those with strong deep coloured diagonal blocks will need to be placed in the same direction for a good effect.

And I also knitted another little cardigan for Seren, my 6 months old Great Niece.

The buttons came from my stash and were ones I inherited from either my Mother in law or her sister in law, Aunty Gertrude. Both were relatives on the same side of the family as Seren’s Mum, my niece Philippa, so it’s nice to keep the buttons“in the family”.

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  1. I think the strong colours do look good scattered in your quilt. Love the cardigan too.

  2. You've done a nice job of catching up on your Easy Breezy block collection for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, Linda!! Congrats on your cardigan finish, too.

  3. You have been productive! Love those Easy Breezy blocks.

  4. You HAVE been busy this month! I love that little cardigan you knitted - it is so precious! Tomorrow they will be installing our basement carpeting. My studio is all packed up and I have to entertain myself all day upstairs. If we lived closer together, I’d invite you over to come play, LOL. Instead, I promised Bruce I’d bake him some cookies plus I have a good book to read and a puzzle to work on. xo

  5. That was a productive month! Your little cardigan is so cute. How fun to keep the buttons in the family!

  6. Love how your 'easy breezy' blocks are looking all together!