Sunday, 2 May 2021

Ticky Tacky Houses flimsy

As part of my RSC blocks I have been making Ticky Tacky Houses, inspired by Cathy of Sane Crazy and Crumby fame.

My tin of these lovely quirky blocks was overflowing and I needed to start using some of them. The Patchwork Group I belong to makes little baby quilts for our local hospital. Our leader recently took in a batch and asked if there were other things we could donate. Yes, covers for incubators, approximately 1 metre square. So I decided to use some of my Ticky Tacky Houses and this is the flimsy I put together: 

Of course, as Leaders and Enders I made another couple of houses!

Linking up with Angela’s So Scrappy RSC blog.


  1. Always love Little Houses and yours are certainly going to a good cause!

  2. Super cute quilt top!! Congrats on getting it all put together.

  3. How do you finish the incubator quilts.

  4. Love it Linda!!! I think I might have to make one from my larger scrap pieces.

  5. Oh, these are so cute, Linda!!