Saturday, 27 February 2021

Sawtooth Stars baby quilt

 As there is a lot of yellow in the Sawtooth Stars quilt I finished this week I am adding to my yellow RSC 2021 total for February. And the other RSC connection is that the inspiration for the sawtooth blocks came from Cathy’s Sawtooth Stars quilt in 2019 ( Sane, Crazy Crumby Quilter).

I made 5 of them in April 2019 to see if I liked them, using a novelty fabric for the centre square and star points with a strong contrasting background. And later I made some using Crumb centres like Cathy had done. Then they got put away! And forgotten.

Last month I discovered my cousin’s son and wife were expecting a second baby in February . As I had given a quilt to their first child Margot I obviously needed to make one for Baby2. They weren’t finding our whether they were expecting a girl or boy so I decided to go with strong colours- reds, greens, oranges, yellows - and then remembered my Sawtooth Stars. I think I had about 10 but chose the novelty fabric ones, leaving the crumb centred ones for another quilt. I then set about making extra stars. Interestingly I had packed away some of the original novelty fabrics with the Sawtooth Stars so that gave me a good start. I finished the quilt just in time as Polly Maeve was born on 17th February.

As you can see there is a lot of yellow in the quilt, including the 2 borders. It measures 46” square. I machined down the columns and along the rows in the ditch and then hand stitched around the squares with a variety of Perle threads which match the star fabric.

Close ups of some of the stars:

Coincidentally shamrocks feature in some blocks. My cousin and I had a Irish grandmother and Polly’s middle name is Irish ( just because her parents liked the name I think) so I thought those stars had been included “for a reason”.

The backing  was pieced from two pieces of fabric leftover from a baby quilt I made last October. The paler green fabric is paw prints. Again very suitable because Mummy is a vet.

For the last few years when I’m making a baby quilt for a family with an older sister I make a Doll Quilt for her. This is the one I made for Big Sister Margot.

It measures 18” x 21” and was quickly made from 3.5” squares from my stash.

The backing was from a piece a quilting friend gifted me several years ago.

My cousin Jayne phoned yesterday to thank me for the quilts. I had posted them to her and she had just handed them over. Mummy and Daddy were thrilled and Margot loved opening her parcel and immediately  wrapped her toy monkey in it! That made my day.

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  1. Linda, that is such a cute quilt with a wonderful backstory. I love the novelty fabrics and the strong yellow borders. And you were so thoughtful to make Margot her very own quiltlet. What a delightful post!

  2. Oh, I love your baby quilt! Yellow is such a cheerful and beautiful color, perfect for a baby quilt. What a great idea to make big sister a doll quilt!! :-)

  3. Excellent use of YELLOW!! Glad to hear that your gifts were well received.

  4. Wonderful baby quilt and such anice idea to make a dolly quilt for big sister too.

  5. Oh, how cute! And what a wonderful idea to make Margot a monkey quilt so she doesn't feel left out. I had a grand nephew, Calvin, born around Feb. 17 but I rarely hear from my nephew and I've never met his wife and not even sure where they live now. I just heard about his birth from my sister-in-law. If I knew them I'd love to send them a baby quilt.

  6. I love your sawtooth star quilt! It's happy, bright, and fun - lots to look at for the new little one. The doll quilt for big sister is a great idea, too!

  7. A very pretty sawtooth star quilt! Love all the yellow on the borders, so cheerful.

  8. You did a wonderful job of this quilt. It was meant to be.. Happy to hear you made big sisters day.

  9. What a fun quilt for a baby! Such bright and happy colors. I am sure she will love it.

  10. I'm definitely a stars fan Linda so goes without saying that I love your quilt, I've been thinking over the past few weeks that I must begin another star quilt soon, perhaps yours here will spur me on.

  11. Gorgeous stars!!! I love the golden yellow/cheddar background. It brightens the quilt beautifully. It is a very good idea to make something for the sister. Feelings of jealousy abound when a new baby gets all the attention.