Sunday, 30 September 2018

Beautiful gifted scraps, saturated colour!

My Patchwork friends know I adore bright  colours and scraps! I wasn't able to attend my Monday Group but three bags of scraps were passed onto me from one of those members a couple of days later. This bag of narrow strips, around 0.75" wide particularly excited me. What stunning colours!, I think they may be  Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I was eager to jump into them. This afternoon I felt I needed some sewing therapy so disappeared into my Sewing Room and sewed up 4.5" strip blocks using squares cut from telephone directory pages for a basis. I used small triangles from another of the bag of scraps for the last piece of each end of the strippy square. I'm thrilled with these colourful blocks, trimmed and ready for me to de-paper this evening whilst I watch Strictly Come Dancing Results on TV. I have three different projects in mind for using these little blocks and have a few more strips left to make a few more blocks.

The saying "Small things please simple minds" springs to mind but I'm a happy bunny after a couple of hours sewing and trimming!


  1. Another persons trash is someone's treasure is my saying. GREAT WORK

  2. Thank you, ladies. These scraps were gorgeous and I just HAD to make something from them immediately....... even though I have lots of other projects vying for my attention!

  3. Such a wonderful bright collection of blocks, I love them!

    1. Thanks, Linda. Can't wait to finish off all the strips in the bag.

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