Saturday, 11 August 2018

I met Bonnie Hunter!

I am fortunate to live very near the NEC, Birmingham where the Festival of Quilts is held each year.
Two years ago I knew (through reading Bonnie's blog) that she would be visiting the Festival as part of her UK trip. I hoped I would spot her in the crowd of visitors so I could say Hello. Of course that didn't happen and I was disappointed.

So when I watched Bonnie's recent QuiltCam and knew she would be signing books yesterday afternoon I was sure to be there armed with my two books: String Fling that I bought a few years ago and More Adventures with Leaders and Enders which I bought at the Show yesterday in readiness. So, at last, after all those years following her blog I actually managed to meet her in person and I wasn't disappointed. Bonnie is as bright, bubbly and friendly as she appears in her blog and on her QuiltCams.

I told her that even my husband recognises her voice as he's heard it emanating from my iPad so many times! She laughed.
And here are my signed books. I'm now all fired up to make one of the patterns from my new book: 
Four-Patch X. I have quite a lot of 2" squares already cut but will need to go through my scraps to cut some more.


  1. I'm pleased you were able to have your books signed by Bonnie, I think I read on her blog that she has another coming out soon, do you kn ow?

    1. Yes, she does have another book coming out, September/October I think.

  2. Oh you are so lucky. Such inspiration. I hope my friend was happy with having her quilting hanging. I haven't heard from her.