Monday, 1 January 2018

Spot the Difference

Most weeks my GD and I do the Spot the Difference puzzle in our Saturday newspaper. With all this practise you would think I would be quick to spot mistakes.................. not so yesterday afternoon when I included the 4 blocks I had made for the Californian fire victims' Block Drive in my NYE post.

Later in the evening I looked at the photo I had put onto my flickr page and immediately spotted the mistake.  Amazing how a camera helps to focus your eyes.

So, spot the difference:

Yesterday's block
( Sorry the picture has turned itself around  - use the watering can to help orientate yourself)

Today's block    
And now all four with the HST sewn in the right way

Much better! I'm so pleased I spotted my error before I mailed the blocks to the USA.


  1. It is so easy to get a piece turned around. Glad you spotted the difference

  2. I spotted it right away. I'm sure if it had been mine I would have missed it, have done it many times, usually too late. Glad you found it. Have a fun week!.

  3. I'm sending some too. I'm sure yours will be loved

  4. I need to make and send some too! And, yes, my photos show lots of mistakes...don't play I Spy!

  5. Great blocks!! and thats funny - Gives it a whole new look

    1. So pleased I spotted my error in time before I posted them to Carole. Just heard from her that the blocks arrived safely.