Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Challenge set by Win, almost 103 years old!

Towards the middle of last year my dear Patchwork friend Win (103 years old in a month's time) set our Group a Challenge.  She had found a scarf pattern which used a 100gm ball of DK yarn.  She asked a friend to buy a ball of yarn for each of us in the Group and photocopy the simple pattern.

I was so busy sewing and lots of involvement with the family and knitting for a friend's baby that I'm afraid the Challenge was put to one side. However I recently started to knit the scarf and it is now completed.  It's really nice, one of those scarves that wrap around your neck and fill the gap between sweater and coat collar.  I've decided to gift it to Liz in NZ to use during the winter.
It was so interesting to see the pattern evolve as I knitted my way through the ball of variegated yarn.

I'll definitely make more of them, perhaps for gifts for friends.

Yesterday I made 4 more QAYG String blocks for Jan in Australia.  Now have 6 to send her soon.
I have chosen darker/stronger colours for these 6 blocks as I know Jan always needs blocks for men and boy's quilts. They measure 10.5" square.


  1. That scarf looks really interesting

  2. I always enjoy seeing string quilt blocks - lots of colour!!

  3. I greatly admire anyone that can knit ( I tried it for a month a few years ago, went beserk and decided to stick to quilting, lol! :) Your string blocks are so bright and cheerful :)

  4. I'm not much of a knitter but made a similar scarf a few years ago from a set of patterns named after Dr. Who characters. These smaller scarves that fill in gaps are so useful. Yours is quite lovely; Liz should like it.
    Congratulations on your string block finishes. Men get overlooked in quilts.